You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

Oh, Dina. You should issue a retraction.

For a woman so dedicated to equality, you’ve written a shockingly lopsided article — to women (ungrateful and ignorant breeding cows, unless you agree with Dina Leygerman), and men don’t fare much better (rapists, authoritarians, and those meanie-weenie boys who pinch girls).

You’re not oppressed. You are self-interested. If you care about disparities, start talking about economic class. Start talking about the disadvantages girls face in developing countries. Else, go on lecturing us about how bad YOU have it. You, with a voice that gets broadcast on

I’ll take a guess you’re in your late twenties and almost certainly upper-middle class white. Young enough to still be blinded by the ra-ra-rhetoric of feminism-that-attacks-imaginary-men. Yet old enough to have forgotten just how many advantages you had growing up: a K-12 program heavily skewed toward girls’ learning patterns and heavy-handed discipline for boys (juvenile detention, for many black boys), while billions were spent on subsidizing your opportunities in math and science.

Update your statistics. Men, not women, are experiencing declines in life expectancy. Women eclipsed men in college graduation long ago, and it’s getting worse. Women hold more professional jobs than men. There are no differences in pay after occupational choice is considered: compare nurses to nurses, not nurses to financial engineers.

And leave the other women alone. Let them make up their own minds whether you’re superior to them.

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