Will Yulia Tymoshenko be able to impeach President Poroshenko?

The situation in Ukraine is disquieting again. Practically in all cities there are spontaneous meetings often ended in serious clashes between police and protestors. ‘Poroshenko and bureaucracy are reaping great benefits from war; they are pillaging this country, killing our children; and until they are out of power, there will be no peace here’ — the crowd is shouting near the city administration building in Kiev. ‘The government fooled and tricked us! Out with such flashmen as Poroshenko, Groysman and Parubiy’ — Lviv’s inhabitants are chanting near the building of regional state administration.

The people are determined to stand until their key demand is fulfilled. As one the protestors call for immediate resignation of President Poroshenko and the subsequent taking him into custody. Some experts raise serious concerns that Ukraine will face new disturbances, and the country is unlikely to survive such events if this demand is not satisfied in the near future.

This development was quite predictable. The President’s quickly falling rating (now it is no more than 10% or only 6%, according to some sources) is a direct reflection of public mood as the population gets angrier about his policies. Thus, the calls for President Poroshenko’s resignation were only a matter of time.

There is no knowing what prompted Ukrainian parliamentarians to act — spontaneous meetings or some other reasons — but the some members of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) started gathering signatures to impeach the President.

As it turned out, it had been initiated by such main opponent of acting government as Yulia Tymoshenko. The Radical Party’s leader Oleh Lyashko, former commander of the volunteer territorial defense battalion “Donbas” Semen Semenchenko, Ukrainian politician Nadiya Savchenko and many others have already given their votes to initiate the procedure.

In accordance with the law of Ukraine, they can initiate the impeachment procedure only if the parliamentary majority supports it. That will be followed by the establishment of investigating commission and, subsequently, investigation of illegal activities of the President. It would not be hard to prove the guilt of Poroshenko as he is responsible for a variety of crimes, ranging from his failure to satisfy requirements for investing abroad to a serious violation of the anti-corruption law. But the real question is whether the MPs will support Tymoshenko’s initiative.

According to opinion polls, Mrs. Tymoshenko has really got some chance for it. Today she is the most popular politician among both ordinary Ukrainians and her colleagues from Ukraine’s parliament. Currently even supporters of the acting President are forced to make a choice to either maintain the fatal course of Poroshenko or change their views, just for the sake of staying on the political arena of Ukraine together with the head of the State.

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