A New Blog: A New Interest

Today was the day I found out that I have a genuine interest in investing/stock market. I watched the stock market for the first time, paying attention to which companies went up and down throughout the day. I started playing the Wall Street Survivor game with 5 other students. We all started out with $100,000 and in one month the winner is decided based on the wealthiest person in our league (HuskyHype). The way to make money in this game is to invest in stocks which give real life updates of the actual live market. When the market closed, I finished 4th, which is almost the least amount of money out of all of the participants. I expect to make my money back since I bought a lot of shares that I expect to rise since I bought them when they were low.

To improve, I looked at companies stocks from 2015 compared to now in 2016. For example, Staples always seems to have a low market value until the end of August and begnning of Sepetember. I found the reasoning to why this happens which is; The value of Staples rises because families start to buy school supplies a few weeks before school starts. So in the upcoming month I expect to see staples rise in the market. Hopefully this helps me climb the leaderboard in HuskyHype.

I hope to have a lot more knowledge about this interest soon since I plan on watching (Day Trading Strategies (momentum) for Beginners: Class 1 of 12) on Youtube which has over a million views and is a reliable source. My brother is also starting a hedge fund soon with his friend which will be called HERMITAGE & BLACKWELL. My brother has invested in the stock market and has made money. He is a self taught investor and his effort has inspired me to do the same. I realize I have a long way to go but this course has prepared me well by playing the Wall Street Survival game, help me find a new interest and most importantly it made me want to learn more on my own time.