Blairite Entryism
George Turner

Dear George Turner 
My thanks for posting this. However, as the founder of an investigative journal I’m sure you will understand why I don’t automatically accept as fact, everything I hear or read.
Plainly you yourself may have been sent a forged letter. So can I please ask you to post what steps you took to confirm its veracity? 
Could I please also ask what else you have done with this information in the month which has passed, and whether the supposed authors of the letter have confirmed or denied their authorship?

If the letter you received was genuinely from your three local councillors then I think there is a possibility they may have committed a breach of Data Protection law were they found to have used a database of names and addresses they have gathered legitimately in one role (councillor) for another (Party Political purposes as the letter says). 
I may be wrong of course and it’s quite possible they have sent the letter to people simply by using information available on the public Electoral Register. In which case they would not have needed to access data they collected as councillors and no legal issue would arise.

Perhaps this is something you know or have asked them?

This is a distinct and separate issue to the question of whether a member of the Labour Party should be asking people to join the Party not because they agree with its values policies and principles, but because they simply want to increase the votes cast in the Leadership ballot for a candidate they favour.

If you’re reading this you may want to know who I am. You will find some information online in the public record. But to summarise, I am a member of the Labour Party and have been a member for some forty + years. 
I was a Labour councillor for sixteen years until May 2014, representing Tottenham Hale the ward where I live. 
I’ve also served as (voluntary) officer in Tottenham Constituency including two years as Constituency secretary.

When I first got involved with Tottenham Labour Party I was seen as on the right-wing of the party. In general my views haven’t changed very much although on particular issues I do my best to read and discuss new knowledge and ideas and update my own thinking as facts change.

Around me some other Labour members have raced to the Right especially some of the “leading” members of our sister Haringey party in Hornsey Wood Green. Though to be fair, although their policies seem largely in line with the Tory Government, it’s not always clear whether they are now right-wing from conviction or because it is necessary to maintain their position or advance their careers. Much of what they say is vacuous — a sort of upbeat noise suggesting positive “going forward”. I sometimes call it “Obfuscandian”. I’m sure you’re familiar with the sort of guff.

I have never met Jeremy Corbyn and have seen him speaking in person only once, and that was in a large packed hall when the only seats my wife and I could find were at the back. He wasn’t especially impressive, but as I recall what he said was perfectly sensible. Either then or on TV, YouTube etc, he says nothing I find to disagree with. If anything he can be overcautious.

I didn’t vote for Jeremy Corbyn last time. For various reasons I voted for Andy Burnham who I have met. But I will be voting for Corbyn this time - provided of course that the right-wing apparatchiks don’t take exception to something I post online and disenfranchise me.

I am not a member of Momentum (I’m not even sure if they have membership as such) and I’d no more join the Progress Party than sign-up to the Tories.

Alan Stanton