Here is my question…Had the white man that asked if we could use logic in lieu of emotion been…
Ricardo Ruiz

Consider the possibility that emotions don’t always cloud judgements or prevent things from being accomplished. Not only do different people respond different ways, there are also different levels of emotions. I find that if people are devoid of emotions in particular situations they are unable to understand the scene appropriately and then they are unable to formulate the necessary resolutions. It’s important to be able to empathize, and to be able to do that a person must have some emotion.

Many men especially aren’t used to being in control of their emotions and are understandably uncomfortable around them. Learning to be more in control of your own and understanding them in yourself in general goes a long way towards helping being able to be comfortable around others when they share their emotions. I strongly feel that as a society we should encourage people to be more open with their emotions. It would help reduce so many large scale issues.

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