So pathetic that what is admired today is pointless accumulation of artificial construct called…
Vadim Dobriy

Don’t you know that the necessary ingredients to soulless fulfillment, aka becoming blindly and stupidly rich, include to be two-faced, continuously keep a charming smile plastered on one’s face, promise everything that others want to them, pretend to have all of the kindest and most selfless traits, invest whatever is necessary to ensure that one’s appearance is modelesque and aesthetically attractive at least until one is obscenely rich, make wise and influential connections and don’t have any qualms about taking advantage of them, in general one must take advantage of everyone and every situation — it’s all about success after all, not about who someone REALLY is as a person — and it especially helps to be privileged enough to be born in the right family or at least have the right set of genes and life opportunities which not everyone else is fortunate enough to have which one tells oneself that everyone else had the same access to and ability to achieve regardless of whether they are admitting to themselves that not everyone does have the ability to run, jump, swimming, skate, and otherwise perform on the same level as an Olympic athlete even before they began training when they first realized they had a special aptitude and talent.

In all seriousness, I feel sorry for those who think that money is happiness. There are so many people who are trying so hard to prove that they have everything and that they are successful, but they haven’t fooled me one bit. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. I would only wish that they were able to see things clearly eventually for their own sake. It’s a sad existence to be constantly chasing something, unsure of what is being searched for and never finding it. It’s maddening.

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