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I won’t proclaim to know what it’s like for you or how your experiences felt. But I did have many issues as a woman in architecture. It started as early as college and wasn’t even reserved for just the men’s treatment towards me. It seemed as though the women who felt that they had somehow managed to fit in felt a need to harass and haze me as a way to earn the men’s approval.

I felt it was quite ironic because all the poor behavior served to do was prove that women were tougher and more professional than the men and in the long run better suited for the job than anyone else. Unfortunately though, all of the extra stress and hoops I was forced to deal with throughout my entire schooling and career did take a toll on me and I ended up permanently disabled and earning a much lower wage still than any of my male counterparts ever were.

I still learned, as I always knew, that money doesn’t equal happiness or success and a person can lose everything physical in life and all of their functional abilities and still be able to find ways to inspire and be of value. Other people don’t define us; we define ourselves.