Hi Francesca, I’ve just read your article, and you are clearly a head case like most of these false…
Alexander Baron

Oh yes, it’s so entirely clear that she is the head case. (sarcasm - for those who are TRULY mentally challenged). There are MANY reasons why ANYONE would not, could not, should not HAVE TO utter a single word when somebody attempts to force themselves upon them AKA RAPE THEM. Shock, disbelief, grief, horror, confusion, anger, … an overwhelming flood of emotion, NONE of which are desire and NONE of which are consent.

Perhaps you might understand just how wrong it is to shoot someone in the back. It’s just as wrong to violate someone from behind without EVER attempting to take up the matter face-to-face in the FIRST place. Of course, I know that even attempting to explain anything to you is pointless. I already know that you have raped at least one woman if not every single woman you have ever had sex with. So the only thing you are doing now is attempting to justify your entire sexual existence.

But you are already dead anyways, so it doesn’t even matter what you say. And incidentally, you are the one who was hospitalized long term with a serious head injury. Perhaps next time you’ll chose a better moniker, troll.

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