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The real problem is that society as a whole continues to focus their sights on the individual when discussing Suicide Prevention. This becomes an issue of placing blame on the victim when in fact it’s not generally a matter of mental illness, rather it’s a matter of widespread lack of compassion, cruelty, self-absorption and inability to coexist in society ethically. Most people would rather target the individuals because they seem easier to control and manage. However, the individuals, the minority in this instance, those who are suicidal, are the ones who are in danger and who have the most at risk. Society continues to lose significantly by focusing on the vulnerable entity. We as a whole continue to fail our fellow human beings and then attempt to sweep things under the carpet with a label of mental illness and explanations. That’s not good enough. We can do so much better to prevent suicide, but the burden is NOT on the victim. The only things which should be on them are understanding and support.

It’s long past time to be attempting to prevent the dam from leaking and eventually collapsing by plugging leaks with one’s fingers. It’s time to switch the focus to fixing the whole dam of society. I interpret many of those who are skeptical of the tools and methods geared towards helping show how much we all have a responsibility when it comes to caring about the mental wellbeing of our fellow humans as feeling guilty of having treated people inappropriately previously when it could have contributed towards a downward spiral. They either feel this or fearful that they might do more harm. However, it’s already been proven that the methods currently being used often fail, which is in fact doing more harm as well.

It’s important for us to be understanding of everyone and to not treat anyone cruelly. Admonishing someone for poor treatment of another human isn’t going to make anyone feel positive and in turn it won’t be able to create any healing feelings. However, if we show compassion and understanding, and then show the right way to support others it can fuel positive change. We must start making much more of an effort to show society as a whole how to treat people and not turn our backs on one another.