Check Out 3 of the Biggest Kids’ Clothing Trends In 2016

Kids are the future and they’re no longer just looking for comfort but for clothing items that infuse style seamlessly. Designers and manufacturers have put themselves to the task of creating clothes that are futuristic, fashionable and colorful!

Kids fashion trends 2016–2017 is increasingly taking notes from the runways of adults. The clothes for little ones are designed in adult fashion while keeping it age-appropriate because the wee ones want to look like the favorite men and women in their lives. The high-end fashion houses and reputed designers have come to the conclusion that Generation Z is not only looking out for clothes that are comfortable but stylish as well. We have rounded up some of the most popular and in demand kids clothing styles that have expanded and taken the kid’s fashion world by a storm.

Gender-neutral Apparel — Breaking Age-old Praxis!

‘Blue’ for boys and ‘pink’ for girls are simply outdated! Contemporary designers do not believe that ‘color’ defines gender and are of the opinion that boys rather look really adorable in pink and it is unfair to keep girls away from blue! Parents too seem to be on board with the idea of wholesale kids clothing that can be worn by both the genders with equal comfort and panache. The great thing about gender-neutral clothing is not just the world of opportunities that it opens up for the little ones allowing them to think outside of the box but it also helps to save a lot of money for parents since the clothes can be passed around among siblings. This is one trend that is not just fun and fashionable but it also leaves a positive impact on the future generation of fashion lovers.

The Rise of the Black and White

Most kids’ clothing items fell into the traditional color palettes like blue and pink. But with the gender-neutral clothing trend breaking such ‘traditions’, there’s now a move towards black and white options for the little ones. Black and white color palettes are simple while exuding an edgier and distinctive feel and also makes mix-and-match easier since these colors work outrageously perfect with all other hues and tones on the color wheel.

Graphic Prints Take the Spotlight Away!

Children are full of life and are at an age where there is not a single care that they have to worry about. They can just run around and go about their mischief like it is the order of the day! The colorfully bold, geometrically-inspired graphic prints fit perfectly with this full of life, fun-loving and exciting life of the wee ones. These trendsetting pieces are defined by the use of vibrant colors and really big shapes! Not just t-shirts and shirts, graphic prints have made its mark in dresses, pants and shorts as well. Some of the in-rage prints this season are:

· Sea World: Children love to explore the underwater mysteries.

· Animal Influence: It is always fun for children to wear clothes featuring the print of their favorite animal such as maybe an owl, cat, dog or bear!

· Cartoons and Superhero Characters: Mickey and Minnie Mouse are an all-time favorite among the future fashionistas and prince charming. Also characters such as Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man and other such superheroes score big among the kids because wearing tees with such prints makes them feel that they’re the superhero themselves!

· Nature-inspired: Prints inspired by the greens, oranges, reds and yellows found in the natural world entice kids because of the vivacious colors that attract them.

2016 promises to be an exciting time for kids’ clothing fashion and make them excited to go to school, play-dates or to the park to show off their stylish outfits. A reputed clothing manufacturer can help you to stock up on the latest and hottest kids’ styles in bulk!