A Brief Information and Guidance about Learning to Fly a Plane

There are many people with an interest in learning to fly a plane. They must plan on taking flight lessons with an instructor. Prior to taking flight lessons you need to make sure that you meet the age requirements of being at least 16 years old to get a student license at 17 years old you qualify for a private pilot license. You must speak and read English. You must also get an FAA medical certificate that you are healthy enough to fly airplanes and that you don’t have any recognized health conditions which would not allow the safe operation of an aircraft. In order to get a medicinal certificate you will have to go an Airman Medical Examiner (AME). The AME has been accepted by the FAA that Federal Aviation Administration to complete the medical examination. There are several basic steps to learn to fly choosing a flight school, passing a medical test, going to the ground school, pre-solo flight schooling, cross country flight training, and preparation for the FAA check ride with an examiner.

Selecting a Flight School
The type of Flight Schools In Connecticut you choose depends on your personal requirements. There are colleges which provide aviation programs that offer a degree program. If you plan to follow a career in aviation but don’t have a degree, this is an option. If flying is for enjoyment or you already have a degree, a part 61flight school may be a more flexible choice. Part 61 flight schools are a pay as you go program normally following the Jespersen training program. There is more flexibility in training with this type of school.

It is most important factor to choosing a school with an instructor that provides excellent training so you can Learn to Fly a Plane in proficient way. Since you will expend hours with your instructor, you should feel comfortable with their teaching style and process. Meet with numerous different instructors if possible before making your choice. There is one way to get a feel for a teacher style is to go on an intro flight, generally 30-minutes at a reduced price.

Ground School
The ground school portion of training can be done on your own or by singing up for ground school structured training at your flight school. Most flight schools provides a weekend and evening ground school; if you are not disciplined at self-study you should enroll in a ground school course. Programs are generally 12–15 weeks in duration with self study between the classes.

Pre-Solo Flight training
The first portion of your flight training will be focused on getting you to solo which is piloting the aircraft by yourself in your local airport environment. Basic visual flight training during this phase to make you comfortable with pre-flight inspections of the aircraft, taxiing, takeoff and landing. Monitoring the performance of the aircraft using the instruments. Proper safety training and emergency training.

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