The Self-Proclaimed Nice Guy Syndrome

I like men, a lot. Good thing, since I’m raising boys. How unhealthy and unfair it would be to my boys if I were to adopt a, “Boys are stupid; throw rocks at them” attitude towards men. I have every intention, however, of making certain my boys escape becoming a specific type of man ~the one who believes he is entitled to women, the one who is bitter that women deny him attention and, the one who infers that something must be inherently wrong with females (because they choose jerks who want nothing more than one-night stands) … As if a real man portrays himself as a victim … As if a real man whines … As if women choose jerks in order to punish themselves for, well, being women. But wait … every so often the ‘nice guy’ does in fact go out on a date or more with a beautiful woman. Then what? What if, just what if this man, who was once doomed to loneliness and a sexless existence, uses lies and gifts in order to offer that woman a hope of a future together? What if she means little to him, except for the consistent company and/or sex she can and does provide? What if the self-proclaimed nice guy is no different than the jerk, and perhaps is even worse? Not much makes me run faster than a man who introduces himself as a “nice guy.” I like to think for myself. I like men who value and respect women.

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