Faces of Alaska State Fair — Part 2

This is Part 2 of a 5-part series featuring people at the Alaska State Fair. photos by Oscar Avellaneda-Cruz

Deborah Hart, Ramona Hart, Karin Hart

Debrah Hart from Anchorage thinks she has been to the air about 30 times so far. She asks her mother, Ramona Hart, to recall how old she was when she first came to the Fair. Ramona thinks it may have been when Deborah was ten.

Deborah’s best fair memory? Coming to the Fair with her kids and always getting a fair button with their pictures on it. She has quite the button collection.

“And family time, I think it’s just family time,” says Deborah the Fair. “Just coming with the family.”

“That’s my son, that’s my daughter, and that’s my daughter-in-law,” says Ramona, hugging Karin Hart beside her, adding, “And I’ve got grandchildren running around here. And pretty soon I’ll have a great grandson that will be catching up.”

Deborah admits she also comes for the Fair food. Her favorite? The Elephant Ears with cream cheese and cherries.

How would Deborah convince someone who hasn’t been to the Fair yet to come to it? “If you want to see a little of everything, you need to come to the fair. You get to see it all in one spot. And Fair weather is rain weather. We don’t get many days like this. Today is a perfect day to come and enjoy a little piece of Alaska from all over.”


KT has been going to the Fair since she was eight years old. Her best Fair memory?

“It was probably the first time I went on one of the big rides. I went on 1000 Days and Nights with a bunch of my friends. I almost got sick, but it was worth it!”

What is the thing KT looks forward to about the Fair? “That’s a tough question. Probably the food.” Her favorite Fair food? Roasted corn.

When not at the Fair, KT is a sophomore attending boarding school and has aspirations to pursue something in music or the arts. She plays the piano and ukelele, and her favorite bands are Fallout Boy and 21 Pilots.

Josiyah, Amariana and Aden

Meet Josiyah and his cousins, siblings Amariana and Aden.

Their favorite food: Gyros, funnel cakes, seasoned corn.

Their favorite rides: The Shark, The Construction Zone, and the Mega Drop.

Verdict? They love the Fair!

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