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Still confused with how Bitcoin actually works? Have you heard of the Blockchain? Let me break down how Bitcoin works using a simple analogy.

When you describe Bitcoin to some people, the concept can seem like it’s out of this world. It’s complex in a way but it isn’t rocket science. It really is based on math and it’s not impossible to learn. Many people had no idea how it worked or what it was. Now you have people investing in all types of cryptocurrencies for a profit all over the world.

Imagine that you are playing a betting game…

As a small business owner, increasing your web presence and finding new customers are top priorities. Local business listings are a key component; especially if you operate a service business in a competitive region.

If you have put serious time and effort into creating the perfect website for your business, you know that the next obvious step is getting that website in front of as many potential customers as possible.

One easy way to increase your web results is through Google Business listings. Having a solid profile ensures that, if someone in your city is searching for a roofing contractor…

The Facebook pixel allows you to combine your business or brand’s website with Facebook’s powerful tracking and advertising capabilities. Setting up a business page is just the start and many businesses stop there.

I created this post because leveraging the power of Facebook and Instagram (owned and controlled by Facebook) is essential to automating your hustle and this step could be holding you back.

Read on to discover how to create, test, assign and install the Facebook pixel to your website or app.

What is a Facebook pixel?

A Facebook is a snippet of code that you would place on your website to track…

Without a money making website, it will be hard for you to #automateyourhustle. It’s the first point of contact for your potential customers and a place where returning clients should feel welcome.

If it’s not doing these things then you are losing money in your investment and it may be time for a redesign.

Your website should greet new visitors with information that allows them to make an educated decision and help to convert those that are interested into customers or clients. Click To Tweet

In this particular post you will discover my top 5 elements, with a few examples…

For entrepreneurs, getting the most out of your time is crucial to your long-term success. Your productivity could be that asset that sets you apart from the competition; allowing you to automate your hustle. Your lack of it could lead to you not getting the results that you want. Beware of any of these productivity-siphoning mistakes infecting your business.

Local Hardware

Large enterprises have their own on-site data centers with offsite backups, but startups usually don’t have access to that kind of equipment. Not only does this affect your data management and internet connectivity, but even your in-office operations.

Image Credit: Printer Logic

For print-heavy businesses…


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