Never cry in front of your boss

Crying never solved a problem… well rarely. Working with many people required social skills to and tolerance for idiots. Bosses are bossy, and there is always pressure, which sometimes can get too much to handle. People react differently to pressure some will suck it up, argue, yell back, quit, break thing….or cry in tears. Nothing wrong with crying but not in front of your boss.

Crying could be interrupted in many ways.

1- Sign of weakness, people will take advantage of you and even pressure you more.

2- 2- It is could be a career killer as it shows sign of instability and worries that you could breakdown and cause a ciaos at work.

3- Makes you look a manipulative, trying make up for mistakes or inability to do your job

Cry until you feel better if that helps you, but cry at home. Come back strong the next day, unless you need to cry it out multiple times a week then you should quit.