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Tomorrow is Monday as we all know, and we have to admit that Monday is not a very welcomed day. I have a list that I try to apply to my everyday life, but I would like to share it with you and make tomorrow a better day. Because having a good Monday will set the mood of most of your week too. So let’s make Monday a wonderful day already.

To do:

  1. Smile

It is simple. So simple that we keep forgetting how to do it. You just have to stretch the muscles of your mouth, raising the corner of your lips in a slight curve. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Smile at your SO and your family. Smile at your pet, and workmates, and the lady that serves you coffee. Just smile, because then you will receive back more smiles that will brighten your day. Give it a chance, at least.

2. Enjoy the day

It is Monday, I know. The stack of to-do things is huge and we rush to get it all done in time. And you will, if not today maybe tomorrow. But today is an irreplaceable day and it won’t happen again. Try to go through it with full attention and making the best out of it. Take a break, breath, enjoy the company of the people that is sharing the misery of this Monday, right? After all, it is just another day and it will gone by in just 24 hours.

3. Do something nice for somebody

There is something genuinely healthy in making somebody happy. I am always in a better mood when I say “Have a good day” to an assistant, and in most cases you can tell by their faces that not many people wish them a good day. Everybody should have a nice day. This world would be much better. So, for today try to find something. It might be something small, like giving directions or greeting the morning. Might be something a little bit more thoughtful like paying for coffee or a meal. Whatever it comes to your mind or whatever the moments allows you.

4. Love more

We love in some way or another. But in general we go through the day without realizing it. Some mornings I wake up and I have a goodmorning message from my sister, who lives in another city, just reminding me how awesome I am and cheering me up to get the day. Those are bright mornings. Just tell your friends how amazing they are. Say “I love you” to your mom and pop. Squeeze your cat with love. Don’t let the day go away without showing how much you care. It will come back to you one day, maybe a specially tough one.

5. Be Happy

The more I grow up, the more I realize that being happy is just a state that you chose. Of course there are things that we cannot control that will try to ruin our day, but you decide if you get mad because you have lost the bus or enjoy a coffee while waiting for the next. Even take a walk instead. There are more hard examples, such as somebody’s dead. We cannot always stay happy, but we can give it our best shot. Monday doesn’t have to be our curse.

Have a wonderful-awesome day you all!

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