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I am not sure if I am creating this, or if this is being created by itself.

This morning I had a kinda weird e-mail from Medium about a guy that I follow who was saying apologies for something (hey! Jonas Ellison). I got curious; I started catching on my readings with the luck to come across this article:

What I learned after 30 straight days of blogging

Today has been a fucking awful day, those that I don’t feel like talking about right now. A little relapse, sort of saying. I have been feeling lethargic since I came back from ‘vacations’, and incapable of writing stuff neither for the articles nor for the Vagabonding project ―and time is indeed catching up. I got frustrated, I guess, and eventually I broke down. So, thanks to that article I decided that if inspiration doesn’t come to me, I will go and find it. And this is the only way I know to track her down: by writing regularly about whatever. Some sort of exercise to train the unconsciousness and our innate ability to come up with ideas. The more we produce, the easier it becomes for them (ideas) to emerge. That’s what my experience tells me. It has always been during the more busy periods of my life ―curiously exam periods- when great projects started to shape themselves stronger than ever inside my mind, and I was able to be prolific in many different ways. Vacations were good; they have given me a bunch of free time to reflect on some issues that I needed to think about, but I didn’t have many opportunities to get in here and spend some hours alone working. But now time has come. Or I made time for it. Or it came through casualties, I don’t know. The important thing is that I am here and I will try to, at least, write a little about something each day for my own sake and health of my crazy mind. Starting new things always gives me this feeling of invincibility, but the key is to keep at it and defeat… whatever that might prevent you from being constant.

Let’s see if I can make it through the week, for a beginning, and then on my way to 30 days lol

Have a wonderful-awesome day you all!

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