by AlbaLnz

What those three words could possibly mean?

They mean you are doing it wrong, pal. I am sorry for breaking the news, but if you are attempting to get somewhere with your creative work and you relate yourself to any of them, you are probably pointing the wrong direction. I am not saying this because I want to bring bad omens; this truth didn’t come to me as an epiphany but through thorough investigation about my own failures and others. Once I recognized my mistake (I wasn’t succeeding as I wanted, as many others, and that was being a deterrent for my life), frustration was put aside for good and I started to seek the nature of the problem. Articles, a couple of books and engaging into a bigger community of writers and bloggers, helped me to identify three things among many others that every creative person encounters and faces through the process of being better.

Those were the keys to edify and enhance a better goal for myself. Then, the battle began.

Everybody knows it. Everybody recognizes that quivering crawling from your back to the top of your lungs. It is one of the most common feelings and it also places among the top of the most powerful. When it strikes, it keeps everything stagnant and afterwards it lets you plummet without mercy to bite the dust. Ruthless. Relentless. It governs our lives.

It prevents us from being more than what we are now.

Target it. Right now. Stop that bleak attitude, identify your fear and be aware that there is nothing to be scared of. Nothing will happen at all if you don’t act; you would be letting yourself be dragged around by circumstances. On the other hand, if things come to worst, you will be endowed with valuable lessons and if not, you would have achieved something completely new and inspiring. Succeed. Like the saying goes, it is better to regret something you did than something you haven’t done.

Switch Fear for Confidence.

Believe in yourself even (and specially even) if nobody believes in you, because it only takes one person to succeed and that is YOU.

If fear prevents us from being more, confidence launched us to the peak of our greatness.

That is what we all seek. We want to be noticed, have recognition and a loyal audience admiring our work, (and probably get paid for it too). That is every artist’s dream. It was mine since I was little, and even if reality kept knocking at my door saying that that wasn’t the goal, it wasn’t until I read to Jeff Goins when I finally accepted the reality. No matter how many times you read about it or feel the frustration taking over you. It won’t be until that crushing point that you will be willing to change your mind.

The thing is: Stop seeking attention; focus on your passion.

Jeff Goins mentions over and over that once you start following your passion and forgetting about numbers/statistics/recommendations/thumbs up, is when people start noticing you. And it makes sense because you stop trying to reach them and focus on making good stuff. The kind of stuff that truly makes you call yourself an artist. That won’t be all, but it will slowly make the difference in the quality and it will help you to show up each day and get shit done.

The more you do, the better you will become. And, what the heck, you are a writer. For God’s sake: WRITE.

So switch Attention for Passion.

Here comes the contradiction. Stop focusing on you and start paying attention to them.

“But you just said…” I know what I said. But being selfish won’t take you much further unless you are crazy smart and a not so good person. I hope you are not.

Just ask yourself this: How makes an author great? The readers that follow him or her and recommend his or her work. The ones that will support you and encourage you and tell you that you are doing the right thing. This sounds like marketing but when I say pay attention to them, I mean genuinely care about them.

You have to engage with this people, because they are your real success. I realized this recently and, well, it is surprisingly rewarding to give feedback and see that they really appreciate it. Surely and slowly, I am creating a little community of people who share my interests, feelings and aspirations. Care about their work and they will care about you. After all, you are just like them. They will also advice you and help you out through the tough climb up, and it is rewarding at much more levels than just seeking an audience. It builds up real trust and an honest encouragement to keep at it.

Forget about you and stay with them.

Switch YOU for THEY.

Confidence. Passion. They.

— Originally published as “Fear. Attention. You.” at The Awakening on Sep 21, 2015. —

AlbaLnz is a freelancer, passionate writer&blogger, who decided that trekking the world was way more inspiring than being an adult and take “serious” responsibilities. She also spreads her madness on The Awakening

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