Stop being Comfortable & Start stepping Out

by AlbaLnz

[Originally posted at The Awakening]

“The most incredible people that I know embrace fear as if there was no tomorrow.”

The main reason I have found about why they do it is because being trapped within their current reality scares them more than the unknown. Facing adversity as they do is the closest thing to a miracle that I have ever seen.

You might think that is an exaggeration and my answer is: they have accomplished more by facing fear toward their dreams than during years and decades of waiting. How is that not a miracle?

But you are right, it is not. Saying it is a miracle takes away all the effort and bravery and dignity. They fought; they suffered; they risked. And they won. They have failed along the way too, don’t get mistaken here. Everybody stumbles and falls. The difference is that some give up while others keep pushing forward until they achieve their goals. And even then, many stay on the run because they realize there is nothing they cannot do.

On which side are you?

It took me time to realize that fear is an ally and not the enemy. However, it requires a deep understanding of how it works and what is able to do to you. Many people refuse to dig in to find the answer, therefore they get stuck in the same place until something more frightening happens and forces them to move forward. Do you know why?

Because we love being comfortable.

A situation might not be the ideal, but if we are okay, why should we strive to do better?

Commodity is one of the hardest things to overcome because it means stepping out of your comfort zone. That is the reason why many people stay mediocre, with average goals and unable to picture a bigger future. They look around within their comfort zone and let me tell you that there is not much to look forward inside that, just what everybody else has. Sometimes not even that.

To achieve more you have to look beyond

Overpass that barrier of comfort that “protects” you from the outside. What you will find out there might be good or bad, but for sure it will be new therefore it will help you to grow and discover new things that will lead you to a different place. Some will wonder if it is worth the risk, and I say: Yes.

Being stuck in the same situation is one of the scariest things I can think of right now. It was my dream, though, a couple of years ago: stability. But then I realized there is no point on that. There are things happening all the time while I write this and while you are reading it. We are missing places, experiences and many other things. Things that we will love and hate. But those things are not going to come and knock at your door: you have to step out and chase them.

The greatest people that I know stopped being scared from the unknown by embracing fear and refused to get comfortable after that. They risked their commodity and seek more. That is what I am doing, for example writing this article to tell you that what you are doing could be more.

I don’t do one scary thing each day, as Eleanor Roosevelt suggested, but when I realize I am avoiding something because it makes me afraid, I try to stop, think and face it. Sometimes is something as simple as sending an email to contact a blogger. Others, is enduring a topic that might not be that well accepted by others. The extreme could be deciding that a person is no longer contributing to my life in a good way. There are always thing you could change for good.

Are you willing to face them?

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