We always set limits on what we can or what we cannot do. And limits are there to be broken.

I have this horrible nemesis, as a friend named it the other day. It is my damn stupid novel. Not only one, all of them. I have been trying to finish just one for years, almost decades now, and it is still there, barely touched and making funny faces to me. However, I keep at it and I know that one day I will accomplish it. It is my perseverance what is failing here, and that sense of perfection that I struggle with whenever I go back over the text. I honestly have no clue about how to overcome this issue, but I won’t let that be my limit. Time has given me the ability to perceive my own flaws after several failures and the possibility to work on them. Investment in Loss is called by William Chen and explained in The Art of Learning, by Josh Waitzkin. “It is giving yourself to the learning process”.

Become master of anything takes time and training; to refine your skills also takes practice and patience. Rushing won’t help you much here. Giving up, either. For me, it is just taking me more time than I planned at the beginning, and meanwhile I can work on other things too. This daily writing is a goal to achieved too, and an exercise to strength my routine on writing besides improving my English. You see? There are many ways in through which you can work up your weak points and still be productive. Read; talk; watch; ask. Find people who already did it, they weren’t so different one time. I have a friend who started it more or less at the same time than I did, but she is way better than my at this point. It is fun, because we get jealous of each other which motivates us to keep at what we are doing. I could have said to myself that I will never be that good, but instead I decided to focus on my strengths realizing that I have been devoting my time to other things that she hasn’t. It is a different distribution of our time and whereas I have felt more interested in articles format, she hasn’t.

So, even if it is tough and heartbreaking, even if it seems like this is not the kind of thing you should be doing, you set the limits of your own achievements. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, because it won’t. But if you truly want something and keep working at it, maintaining an open mind willing to learn from your mistakes, one day you will be able to say that you made it. Just take it easy and look out for your flaws. The learning process will help you out.

Have a wonderful-awesome day you all!

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