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Why you should leap, but probably you won’t

“What took years to hide only took a moment of honesty to recover.”

That is the oddity about truth: Everyone is aware of it however long they’ve lived without it. And even if it sounds strange and delusional, deep down we all recognize the power of a dream.

We all know that is worth it, but during most part of our lives we deliberately choose to ignore.

Yes, we ignore that precious instant where you feel bound to leap and leave everything else behind. And that, despite all our efforts, cannot be captured with words.

If it could, I assume it would be easier and everybody would do it.

That is why I choose to rant for hours, months and years trying to get the message through the noisy barrier, knowing that there is nothing close to experiencing it: the iron determination, the way you understand and perceive, the world of possibilities that open right in front of you…

But I keep trying because it is something that needs to be done and needs to be said.

The articles that Benjamin usually writes are the kind that need a thorough examination to extract the essence of why a dream is something worth fighting for. And even if they are long and detailed, their value is priceless.

But at the end of the day, the sad truth is that many people choose to ignore it. They choose to avoid their visions and expectations.

It is easier to overlook your dreams and, yes, more convenient for the rest of the world and yourself.

You don’t have to struggle to break through. You don’t have to look at yourself in the eye and realize that you have something to do. You don’t have to face adversity or fear or doubt or critiques. You don’t have to challenge the status quo.

It is easier to remain hidden, safe and warm.

But you should.

You should fight and scream and break through whatever the rest of the world says.

You should do it despite of the excuses and justifications, despites of the ‘better tomorrow’ and the ‘what if’, despite of the vulnerable feeling of standing alone for something you truly believe.

You should, because this is the only chance you will ever have.

If you could just get a glimpse of what it feels like, you would never bail again.

So please, do it. If you get the chance, take the leap because in the end it will be all worth it.

This is a message for you, but primarily it is a reminder to myself.

So bear with me.

And leap.

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