4 ways to magnetize your social media accounts

No one is equal before the law of social networks and the impact they have. Some users are more visible than others and have much thicker and more active networks. Seeing the opportunities that social network contain, many people start to questioning themselves about the best way to approach social media and how to build a quality network. But sometimes the rules of the game might be complicated to understand. In these new worlds, each user is likely to build important communities, everyone starts from the same point. Here are some qualities and rules of life, that allow increasing the interaction of an account.

1. Find people with the same state of mind

On social networks many communities exist and they are similar to the ones of real life. From outside, they might seem complicated to go through. However, by looking them well, it’s easy to see that they are generally based on common values. Social media are the realm of shared information and giving visibility to others. It’s not surprising that the values ​​of kindness and altruism bring users together.

The most effective communities have a solid core. Identify the keywords that link you with others is an indispensable condition. As natural magnets, these words are like a masse that inexorably attracts similar profiles together. Individualists are unlikely to get their bearings. Many groups are convivial. Their members are open to discover newcomers.

2. Be grateful, thank, exchange

Politeness is a very strong value of social networks. It’s like in real life, getting in the midst of a group of strangers without beginning a conversation or greeting people will cause a complete absence of relationship. On social networks, the phenomenon is similar. For newcomers that want to be integrated quickly, it’s necessary to see the sharing as a gift and do not hesitate to discuss with users that play along the game of exchange. Many features exist to let other users know that their timeline is interesting. Using others content is an accepted technique as long as we quote the source. Never behave as a treasure raider.

3. Look further and take a step back

On social networks, you must have a positive mind and avoid being drawn into polemical topics. In this instantaneous realm, you should never get carried away, react too fast, or go into fights that are already lost. Usually even if you’re right, the “show” gave to your timeline is going to declare you as the loser of the game. There is no reason to give visibility to a nasty person. Being neutral doesn’t mean you can’t express your ideas. You just have to find the right way to get your ideas heard and try to increase as much as possible your impact outside the social networks. You should never forget that social media represent a very small part of the real world: they have a power of amplification but do not substitute other media.

4. Giving in order to probably receive

On social networks, you must know how to seed a lot without anticipating what will be harvested. You must don’t count your actions and have a faculty to forget what has not germinated in order not to disperse. The balance is often completely unbalanced but it doesn’t matter. Social media can be time-consuming and it’s almost impossible to take other users into a dead-end. One of the main qualities required to ensure a long-term presence is pragmatism.

Alban Jarry

Translation with Sophie Perrin

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