The future of inner city transportation? Airbike ALi5 v2 electric scooter Review
Alexander Lang

Thanks for reviewing this. I think you have much of the real detail correct. I also own one of these and commute around Amsterdam, NL on it. I also use a Brompton folding bike and I can say that the Ali5 shock absorbing capability is better than a a Brompton on cobbled streets. I have found one issue. The default settings on the computer as possibly wrong. I did a 1.6Km journey and it registered as 2.4Km. My computer is setup as per the manual so wheel circumference etc. should be correct but the output is way wrong. Also you reported you reached ove 30Km/h. This is also what my Ali5 reports but it’s simply not true, I measure my bike speed at barely 30Km/h and the Ali5 doesn’t get that fast. I think the sellers need to recheck their computer quality.