Top 5 Companies for Hiring Dedicated AngularJS Developers in India

AngularJS is the most popularly used JavaScript framework for building dynamic web applications. It popularity graph keeps on rising day by day. It provides a number of business benefits and thus many companies are highly adopting this framework for their business growth across the world.

AngularJS comes with various features such as two-way data binding, declarative UI, POJO, less coding and much more. And this has led businesses to hire dedicated AngularJS developers for creating such web apps. In fact, many web development companies have already started the AngularJS development due to its increasing popularity.

Many business owners find it difficult while outsourcing dedicated AngularJS developers for their web development projects. There are some key factors viz. ratings, the experience of active AngularJS developers, past work history, reputation etc. which should be taken into consideration when you are going to hire dedicated AngularJS developers for your development projects.

In this blog, we have listed top 5 companies for hiring dedicated AngularJS developers in India. It would surely help you choose best development company among many.

Pricing: 25–50$/hr

Location: India

Employees: 400–450

Founded: 2004

It is the topmost preferred company for hiring dedicated AngularJS developers in India’s

Since its inception in 2004 ValueCoders has been offering IT outsourcing worldwide.

ValueCoders has over 1500 happy and satisfied customers with a score of 96 out of 100 for the customer retention rate. In addition, ValueCoders is an ISO and CMMI Level 3 certified company.

ValueCoders has 200+ dedicated PHP developers who provide high-quality applications and develop solutions related to PHP for adding value to other companies. In addition, they are in business for about 13 years.

Pricing:50–90 $ / hr

Location: Ukraine

Established: 2011

Employees: 40–50

It is the most preferred top IT company in Ukraine.

SteelKiwi was founded in 2011 as a IT development company with the initial focus on AngularJS Development and Python. They are known for delivering projects to their clients on time.

SteelKiwi has more than 60 full-time employees who are constantly working on the company’s project. They also deliver AngularJS development projects to clients in other countries. In addition, they provide developers of for any IT Development also provide dedicated developers to their clients.

Pricing: 30–60 $ / hour

Location: India

Founded: 2004

Employees: 350

If you are looking to hire dedicated AngularJS developers from India. Then, there is no better choice than PixelCrayons. It has the ratings of 99 out of 100 for on-time delivery, 70 out of 100 for CAGR, and has the customer satisfaction score of 97 to 100. In addition, they have proven their value in the industry.

PixelCrayons was founded in 2004. It has over 4800+ customers in more than 38+ countries. Moreover, they have experienced and experienced development team that understands the demands of their clients and comes out with the right solutions according to their needs. In addition, they serve many small businesses and startups.

PixelCrayons main customers are Warner Bros., Qatar Airways, Citigroup and Morphy Richards.

Pricing: 30–70$/hr

Location: Poland

Founded: 2008

Employees: FreeLancer

Espeo Software was founded in 2008 and develops one of the best dynamic web portals and applications for its customers and clients.

If you want to outsource your project to Poland, Espeo Software is the best choice of all companies. It has over 300 customers throughout Europe.

Espeo Software’s main customers are Crowd Valley and Bay Angels.

The biggest disadvantage of Espeo Software is that it has no global footprint other than European countries.

Pricing: 25–50$/hr

Location: India

Employees: 100–250

Founded: 2005

Click Labs is an IT outsourcing company with more than 5 years experience in the development of IT applications. In addition, they outsource on-demand technology to their customers. In addition, they are best known for their work in the development of various IT applications.

Click Labs has developed more than 1600 IT applications for its customers.