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Automating can help you save some time. It’s also very convenient. It also often helps your environment stay consistent: e.g. you tag a commit in your GitHub repository and a new store release is published.

Arbify is an ARB files localization tool. Dedicated to Flutter and its intl package.

In this article, I’ll walk you through deploying Arbify on your computer using Docker and we’ll build a Hello World! Flutter application utilizing internationalized messages created in Arbify.


Firstly, we have to clone the GitHub repository:

git clone
cd Arbify

The next thing we need to do is copy the .env.example file into our brand new .env configuration file.

cp .env.example .env

We don’t need to change anything fancy here. We’ll leave it on defaults.

Defaults were meant for deploying your own Arbify using Docker without a hassle, to try it and play with it. …

After the moment I got interested in Flutter I was looking for ideas for a simple app that solves a problem.

This post is a retrospection, two weeks after writing first lines of code.


Firstly, we need a problem to solve.

I was on shopping with my mom in a market. We were buying some stuff for the incoming Christmas. She had a list of products to buy on a piece of paper. Everything was okay with it, with one exception. After getting a few products in the basket, I realized that we are going from one end of the…

Hack Heroes is a polish online hackathon for high school students.


First step for any project is an idea. Especially, a good one.

At first, I didn’t plan on taking part in this year’s edition of this hackathon, but after my friend asked me about whether I’m participating, I visited its website and saw the subject of current edition.

The subject was the public data.

I visited which is our polish government website for public data, clicked on random category and my first glance focused my eyes on one dataset and it gave me an idea almost immidiately.


Beautiful Golden Gate

I’m currently writing this being at 10.000m of altitude with the speed of 1.000km/h flying from SFO to AMS way back home.

This is my copy-paste from our Telegram group for GCI2017 winners:

once I was at my aunt’s place, my cousin (he was in medical university then) showed me his website, which was very basic stuff, simple navigation and content and animated GIF of human brain, but I was amazed by the fact that he’ s got his own website! it was like I thought that having a website is something not for every one, it’s not available for “normal” people etc. I asked him how did he manage to make it and he told me — HTML. I was 8…

If you don’t know what is Google Code-in, you probably want to read my first post about it.

Today is 16th of January, 2018. On my Code-in dashboard there is a line saying that there’ s one day left from the competition’s end. Tomorrow is a deadline for submitting students’ work. The day after tomorrow is a deadline for mentors to review it. On the 24th organizations must have had chosen finalists and Grand Prize Winners of Google Code-in 2017. And finally, on 31st of January, winners will be announced officialy.

You’d think that this is the end, don’t you?

If you don’t know what Google Code-in is, read my previous article.

Tuesday, second Christmas Day, 5:59. I can’t sleep since 2:00 so I decided to begin the day and I just had enough willingness to write second post about GCI.

Yes, I couldn’t sleep. I think that’s because my biological clock has been moved. Writing code or playing World of Tanks while waiting for Code Review to late night was on my daily basis in the previous three weeks, since the beginning of the contest.

Now, closer than farther to the end (22 days left) I can say that…

Firstly, if you don’t know what’s Google Code-In — it’s an online contest for 13–17 year old pre-university students which aims to introduce open source software development to us by giving the opportunity to work with real open source organizations.

How does it work? There is 25 (for 2017 edition) organizations. Each organization creates tasks which students should work on. Everyone can choose what they like and claim the task. …

Moje stanowisko podboju świata

Dostałem dzisiaj mejla z paroma pytaniami dotyczącymi bycia programistą. Jestem aż dumny ze swojej odpowiedzi, więc pozwolę sobie się nią podzielić.

Od jakiego języka zacząłeś programować? Jaki język polecasz na początek? Czy bycie programista jest trudne?


Akurat tak się składa, że moja przygoda z programowaniem rozpoczęła się dosyć wcześnie, przez co jest nieco zakręcona.

Ad. 1) Zacząłem w wieku 8 lat i na początku była to zabawa z HTMLem i CSSem, moim pierwszym językiem programowania był wtedy PHP. Tworzyłem w nim bardzo proste rzeczy, wręcz trywialne. Wędrowałem w tamtym czasie po różnych językach i narzędziach. Miałem swój moment z…

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