Ukraine unleashed media war on Poland

On July 22, 2016, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland passed a resolution that officially recognizes the Volhynia massacre as the crime of Ukrainian nationalists against the Poles.

Ukraine’s reaction was instant.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine expressed its deep concern and specified the decision of the Polish authorities as a provocation of the nationalist forces. Ordinary Ukrainians split into two sides. The first one supported the decision of the Sejm claiming that any country has a future only when it can admit its own mistakes and ask for pardon. The other one, instead, call for the ‘crusade’ against Poland.

Well, nothing to be surprised with. But what follows next…

The Ukrainian government, just right from something in mind to something in kind (what generally is not usual for them), unleashed a real media war against Poland. The key historical aspect that Ukraine extensively uses in every possible way is the Polish-Ukrainian war of 1918 and 1919 followed by the ‘occupation’ of Eastern Galicia. Kiev insists that it was the most crippling blow to Ukraine’s national consciousness and genocide of the Ukrainian nation. Historians supported by Kiev believe that Polish occupational authorities were responsible not only for the torturing of thousands of Ukrainians in the ‘death camps’ but also for intentionally failing to take any action to fight the epidemics and famine. By doing so they wanted to precipitate the extinction of local population and clear the territories of Western Ukraine for the Polish settlers.

The information is presented in the way to make the individuals, not familiar with the relations between the two countries, to believe that Poland went not too far from Nazi Germany by taking Ukraine’s territories and brutally wiping out a part of Ukrainian nation. But was it an actual fact? Be sure, it’s not! There were no ‘twisted limbs, smashed skulls and ripped bellies,’ the ‘death camps’ just like the ‘occupation’ of Galicia or anything else were also invented — everything is merely a fantasy of Ukrainian nationalists.

On the contrary, historians and experts have a consensus of opinion that Polish sovereignty over some parts of modern Ukraine that became Ukrainian territory only in the 40s of the previous century following the results of the Yalta Conference, had a positive impact that resulted in urban development, economic and cultural growth, significant increase of social standards of living. The scientists believe it is irrelevant to speak about the occupation and genocide.

However Ukraine defies not only the experts, historians and politicians, but also the generally known facts. Ukrainian authorities refuse to acknowledge liability of OUN-UPA for the atrocities of the Volhynia massacre and try to shuffle off the blame on the Poles and set Europe against Poland. It will hardly be a surprise, if in the nearest future Kiev officially demands that Warsaw pays reparation for all those fabricated military crimes and genocide. Especially taking into account the first steps made in that direction when the blatant lie is translated to other languages under the guise of historical truth.

Besides, petitions have been regularly published on the website of Ukrainian President, and their mood is similar to that of the info related by the media and statements from officials. Obviously the petitions are intended to create impression of Ukrainian people’s involvement in this pseudo-historical farce.

Without any doubts the Ukrainian authorities expect quite a lot from the anti-Poland media campaign. In fact in spite of the lies widely spread by the Kiev propagandists, it is rather irresponsible to leave such a big informational threat without attention. It must be cut short at the very beginning before Poland’s reputation and positions on the international stage have been significantly harmed.

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