Pokémon GO! — Version 2.0 Concept

My mockup of the next massive update for Pokémon GO!

Concept of Pokémon GO!

Generation 2!

Pokédex: Let’s start with the Pokédex. We already know that Niantic is preparing a rollout of new Johto region Pokémon but I thought I would add it anyways. Now there is 251 Pokémon in the new Pokédex!

Now more Pokémon to catch!

New Tracker! (Somewhat…)

I decided to add the popular and widely controversial footprint feature back in. No, I didn’t remove the current tracking system but this is another way for Trainers to find Pokémon. I know there is a Celebi there but I’ll get to that later...

How It Works: Footprints can be scanned using a new item called the Footprint Identifier. When the footprint is scanned, it will identify the Pokémon and will show the distance and now direction in where the Pokémon is located. If I were Niantic, I would use this feature for more rare Pokémon so it adds a bit of difficulty to the game. Now this is feature isn’t available all the time, you need batteries to activate the Footprint Identifier which is part of a new items class which we will get to in a bit!

Let’s catch that wild Cyndaquil!
A very rare shiny Cyndaquil!

Shiny Pokémon!

Looks like the Cyndaquil we caught has a shiny variation! Shiny Pokémon were also introduced in the Johto region. Now encountering a shiny Pokémon will be extremely rare and will have a different color scheme than regular Pokémon. In addition, sparkle effects will be shown and 3 red stars will be beside the Pokémon’s name. I tried keeping the legend as true to the original Pokémon games. Good luck in finding these extremely rare Pokémon!

New Game Modes!

New Game Modes and Features!

So there are finally new modes in this version of Pokémon Go! I’ll go ahead an break them down to you!

Trade Center: A feature every Pokémon Trainer has been begging for is finally here! More trainer to trainer is great for the game and also Niantic!

Journey: Although the objective is the catch all the Pokémon to become the Pokémon Master, this will showcase a Trainer’s versatility and abilities!

Battle Center: Another feature Pokémon Trainers have been wanting. Battle for bragging rights and a new way to train you Pokémon so it becomes even stronger!

Pokédex: 151 to 251! 100 new Pokémon! Now more to catch!

PokéGear: PokéGear is like an iPhone in the Pokémon world. With PokéGear, you are able to communicate with other Trainers. We’ve now integrated this into Pokémon Go!

Pokémon: This is where all your Pokémon are! Nothing new here, but you may see some new faces!

Items and Shop: These are now together because I think it makes sense? But that isn’t the only new feature about it! There are new items on the way!

*Help and Settings have been moved to Trainer’s menu.

Trade Center!

Trading in Pokémon has always been its DNA. Whether it’s been through a link cable or even with trading cards; it’s a way to discover and obtain new Pokémon! Rather than investing hours or even days looking for a specific Pokémon, trading helps Trainers obtain the Pokémon they are looking for. It helps both Trainers achieve their goals!

I’m never going to get that Mewtwo…

How It Works:

Trade Block: A trainer can add up to 3 Pokémon on the trade block for Pokémon they choose to receive in return. Note: The Pokémon you put on the trade block is available to all Trainers in Pokémon GO! It will automatically complete a trade if the trade matches with another Trainer. I decided to avoid direct Trainer to Trainer trading simply due to the potential of cheating. This provides an experience where both Trainers get what they want! The bottom white bar shows the time remaining before the Pokémon is removed from it’s trade block. I haven’t decided on the time frame but I was thinking 2 hours. (Promotes engagement for Niantic). You cannot edit the trade block once Pokémon is already active.

Stardust and CP: I decided to add Stardust as compensation for difference in CP of Pokémon being traded. For example, my cute Marill was traded for this awesome Ampharos but my Marill had much lower CP. So as compensation for the other Trainer receiving my lower CP Marill, they receive additional Stardust from myself in the difference of CP points. Both trainers will receive Candy for their Pokémon as well. You would receive 3 candies if you’ve never had the Pokémon in your Pokédex and only 1 if you already have that Pokémon. This will avoid candy farming.

Trade History: This is where you can see all your recent trades and transaction of Pokémon. It will also show you if you’ve lost or gained Stardust from the trade.


The journey of a Pokémon Trainer has not always been just about capturing all the Pokémon. It’s also been about being a versatile Trainer as well. That’s why I added Journey, so it adds another dimension for Pokémon Go! It’s time to collect badges!

Your Pokémon Journey!

How it Works: On the left it will show you current stats. To earn a badge, complete the following tasks on the bottom. This feature can go with certain bonuses Niantic has already rolled out. Completing the challenges and receiving a badge will also earn you items and XP! If you click the top right card button, it will show you your Trainer Card. The Trainer Card will be visible to those who you have added in your PokéGear in which we will get to… not to mention Battle Rank!

Battle Center:

Pokémon battles is something I am extremely excited for! Battle Center is where Trainers battle other Trainers with their Pokémon. This is another way to make your Pokémon more powerful and earn bragging rights!

Trainer vs. Trainer!

How It Works: In order to battle with other Trainers, you would need to walk 5 kilometres. Why? Well this is in the original Pokémon games as well, you would walk to find opponents and this is no different. This is also part of Niantic’s vision of keeping people active while playing Pokémon GO! Every 5 kilometres travelled will earn you a battle. After picking the 6 Pokémon in which you will battle with, it will pair you up with a live opponent. Note: The length of finding the opponent will depend on the active users, which should be no problem. After the battle, you will receive XP, bonuses, and items! You will also earn candy for Pokémon that you battled with and additional Stardust!

Battle Rank: Battle Rank is a ranking system used to determine the level of the Trainer. The higher the rank, better the rewards!


PokéGear was introduced in the Johto region as a communication device and also be now utilized in Pokémon GO! PokéGear will allow Trainers to send off status updates to other Trainers to help with their own journey! Trainers can use PokéGear to share status updates, share location by using the last visited PokéStop, or to share what Pokémon they spotted!

PokéGear Feed

How It Works: I know there is a lot of third party tracking software and websites but I truly believe this will be a great option for Trainers to use with their friends to find Pokémon! Trainers can post the last seen Pokémon to other trainers and will show a map of where that Pokémon is. So if you come across a rare Pokémon, why not share it! Trainers can also share status updates of anything random through text. Lastly Trainers can share their location by using the last visited PokéStop!

Potentially more features can be added to PokéGear such as radio? Just a suggestion…

Let your fellow Trainers know what you are doing!

Items and Shop!

Items have always been used as an advantage in Pokémon games and in Pokémon GO! it is no different. I’ve decided to add some new items that aren't necessarily new but might find nostalgic from the original Pokémon games! The items I have added are the new and all the originals will still exist as part of Pokémon GO!

These Key Items were originally from Pokémon G, S, C, HG, and SS!

Menu: With lots of items now we changed the menu design a little bit. Trainers can now switch back and forth between categories.

Key Items: Key items can be obtained through special events scheduled by Pokémon GO! Here I have added a couple items that may seem familiar. The wings and bells are required to summon legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh and Lugia and GS ball is required to capture Celebi.

Medicine: With the introduction to the legendary Pokémon, I have created a special potion and revive. Any regular potion or revive will not work on a legendary Pokémon. I have decided to add this so that a Trainer will have to strategically decide whether to use a legendary Pokémon in a battle.

More nostalgic items!

Care: Poké Puffs and Rare Candies are treats found in the games that affects the Trainer’s Pokémon positively. It will increases the CP of the Pokémon that its given to. The Technical Machine or commonly known as in the games (TM) changes the moves of the Pokémon. The new moves that are given are at random. So if you have a Pokémon with amazing IV but has a poor move set, take a gamble and hope that it turns out better! The grooming kit will be a more common item compared to the Poké Puffs and Rare Candies. It will slightly raise a Pokémon’s CP anywhere from 25 to 50!

Trainer: These items will benefit the Trainers whether it is addition XP or items! The blessed egg is a godly version of the lucky egg and it is extremely rare. (I decided to give myself 18 though.) Compared to the lucky egg, the blessed egg will provide an hour of double XP! The Miracle Chest is another Trainer affecting item just like in the Pokémon Games. Items and XP are completely random so good luck! Batteries are used for the Footprint Identifiers for unknown footprints left by wild Pokémon. One of my favourite items is the Nugget, somewhat useless in the games where it just had a high resell value but in Pokémon GO! we decided to change that! You can trade a nugget for PokéCoins to be used in the shop to buy whatever you need!

Poke Balls: With the inclusion of legendary Pokémon, a Master Ball is mandatory! This right here was a no brainer.

Legendary Pokémon

We know that they exist in Pokémon GO! The sighting of Articuno in Ohio confirmed it all. Now what Niantic has planned for us is the real mystery. However I have a few ideas on how we can summon these beasts. Trainers can distinguish a Legendary by the aura around the Pokémon.

“GS” on the Poké Ball stands for Gold and Silver… Mind blown!

Celebi: Celebi can appear anywhere in the wild but good luck capturing it. Like Pokémon Crystal, Celebi can only be caught using the GS Ball. The GS Ball can only be obtained through a special event. But we will let Celebi roam around the world. For those who encounter it may appreciate it, or be extremely frustrated. Either way, there is only one way to capture it.

Mystical Pokémon Ho-Oh getting summoned!
Legendary Pokémon Lugia getting summoned!

Ho-Oh and Lugia: The Legendary Ho-Oh and Lugia can be summoned by obtaining 2 pieces of key rare items. A Rainbow Wing and Clear Bell is needed to summon Ho-Oh and Silver Wing and Tidal Bell is needed for Lugia. Trainers will need to activate both items at the same time. When Ho-Oh or Lugia appears, Trainers will only have 10 minutes to capture the legendary beast. I would suggest having a Master Ball ready or at least 500 Ultra Balls. Can just picture your fingers getting tired after this one. Once the 10 minutes is up, the legendary Pokémon and it’s key items will disappear.

Which would you use the Master Ball on?

Future Considerations

Environmental: I’ve thought of adding environmental as factors in Pokémon GO! I believe Niantic and Google has the infrastructre to pull it off. For example, if it is raining in your area, potentially more water type Pokémon?

Gender Pokémon: Gender and breeding has also been something I have thought about. I’m sure Niantic has thought about this as well.

Unown: A massive reward if you capture all 26 different types? Maybe that will summon Entei!

Final Thoughts

Thank you for those that took the time to go through and read what I have worked on. I appriciate it greatly! I have the utmost respect for John Hanke, CEO of Niantic and everyone at Niantic working on this product. I, myself is a huge fan of Pokémon growing up and will always continue to support The Pokémon Company. I love working on UI/UX projects and it is a passion of mine. If anyone has any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me. Thank you again.


From Eevee and I.

Email: albertchoi92@gmail.com

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