What are the trends in Social Media Marketing?

So the study of Social Media Examiner on Marketing industry begins. A complete analysis after a survey of 2,800 experts from Marketing.

Here are the main conclusions of this study.

Original content and emphasis on the word

90% of respondents based their strategy on original content and only 10% in healing content. Almost 60% continues to emphasize the power of the words. That is, in the written content. 19% centers its efforts primarily on the development of computer graphics and images as memes, while the video is basically for the 12%.

Increased activity of 2 posts in Social Networks

68% of respondents this year will increase the number of publications of their blogs in Social Networks in 2013 Only 2% decrease in the number of content to these platforms and 14% will not use it.

Want to know more about Google+

Although Google + comment that does not finish off, the fact is that this is the social network that will pay more attention to respondents. Reasons? Has active users per month and also you can build your Google Authorship from this social network.

The main challenges of a Social Media Strategy

Given the challenges presented to all good ‘marketer’, 91% seeking tactics that work best on social networks. 89% have in mind the best way to generate ‘engagement’ with your audience.

Increased Podcasting

Currently, podcasting is a marketing channel that uses only 6% of experts. Yes, 28% want to improve their knowledge about podcasting and 33% plan to use in your Social Media strategy.

The ads, primarily on Facebook

90% of respondents use Facebook ads in their campaigns for just 20% LinkedIn and 17% on Twitter.

The ROI is a mystery

Apparently, the return on investment is taboo for marketing experts. 35% of respondents are not sure measure these parameters correctly, while 28% have not been able to.

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