Thank you for sharing your story and perspective on Donald Trump.
Eric Reyes

I’m not sure why everyone is so certain that a Trump presidency would be such an absolute disaster? He has never been in any political position before. Just because he hasn’t gone into specific details with policy, he is not bought and owned by lobbyists or corporate interests, if he gets elected it will truly be because most of the American voters wanted it. I actually have a bad feeling that even if he does win, they will cheat and steal to find a way to give it to Hillary. She does not give a fuck about any of us, she’s doing this because she wants to be president and nothing more, she even thinks we should all vote for her because she’s a woman. She does not accept responsibility for anything, she is under fbi investigation for the last year yet still does not believe the rules apply to her and refuses to admit fault. If you are happy with the current situation and you are ok with increased government spending and waste, continued unemployment or poverty and more racism or political correctness, then yeah i would say vote for Hillary. In fact i would bet money that any of the other candidates except Trump would give you similar results as well since these career politicians all they do is say a lot but they never get anything done. But if you want to be part of a movement to actually make significant changes to our broken political system, Trump is the only option and all the anti Trumps just need to get their heads out of their asses and be the bigger man for the good of America. Not supporting Trump will guarantee the win for Clinton whose presidency will be very predictable and disappointing and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.