The Psychological Mastery of Donald Trump
Faruk Ateş

No politician can stop an undesirable demographic like white supremacists from supporting their candidacy. And he actually disavowed them immediately after the last debate, and the media continued to keep asking him this stupid question as if nobody heard him. They were still asking him about it after Super Tuesday. Even now that everyone knows he disavowed, Paul Ryan is still bringing it up saying they can’t support a nominee who supports bigotry. This whole party has gotten so stupid they totally ignore whats happening in front of them. The electorate is angry and its showing in the poll turnouts. Meanwhile all the career GOP political insiders are panicking desperate to do everything possible to prevent a Trump candidacy. They don’t even realize that they are established part of the broken system everyone is so disgusted with. Trump only gets into personal attacks when people attack him, most of the time the attacks have nothing to do with facts, especially when they just repeat lies about him which every cable news channel does nonstop to no end. I know Trump cites statistics that are not true often, every politician does to suit their message, but what i have noticed though is with personal attacks i have rarely heard him say anything negative about an opponent that was untrue, while most of the personal attacks against him that we hear every day have very little basis in facts and a quick google search would confirm this for any informed voter. I don’t think he would act so crudely if everyone just treated him the same as the other candidates. From the beginning since his announcement, everyone in the news cycle treated his campaign with utter contempt and ridicule, major news sources would take his words out of context or rearrange them or just fabricate something he did not even say. Do this enough times and it is not any surprise that the whole world thinks he is a hateful bigoted racist who has nothing good to offer us with his presidency and he is only in this for himself. If he only cared about himself, he would not have run for president and gone through all this bullshit and abuse up until now. Back in the 80s he was one of the first in the construction industry to hire a woman manager. He judges people based on merit, not race or gender which is why his support transcends all demographics. He is the only candidate who has a job or life he can return to if he loses. All the others could not even survive in the real job market since they have no skillset or work experience outside being an overpaid politician. Admittedly i didn’t even like the guy at first, but as i kept reading stuff online or hearing everyone talk about him so unfavorably, more so than i have ever seen in past elections, i started paying attention to the news every day and researched further through various sources and now not only do i totally support him but i strongly believe he is the only one running who has any competence for the job and if anyone else ends up winning then we only have ourselves to blame for 8 more years of the same bullshit and nothing changing or getting better.