If you hate Hillary so much that you can’t shut up about it, go vote for Trump.
Brad Lawrence

What policies of Trump specifically would harm any of those groups you mentioned? He is not going to deport any Americans legally living here and his Muslim ban does not apply to American Muslims already here. Just about everything he has discussed sounds like it would be good or make things better for all Americans, regardless of what group you are in. Democrats keep playing identity politics and making everything about race and dividing everyone because its better for them if minority groups think that racism is to blame for their American nightmare and all their problems. They have been doing this since civil rights started and it simply is not true. Some people start out with advantages, sure, but that does not in any way guarantee they will be a bigger success than anyone else in the future. The real definition of racism is thinking your race is inherently superior to all other races. Trump has never said anything that would indicate he thinks this, clearly he judges people more on economic status than race. Still i think what his whole campaign is talking about is improving the economic status of all Americans since all our past politician’s policies have bankrupt our middle class despite all of them becoming much richer as a result, Hillary Clinton included.

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