If Trump Wins, I’m Not Leaving

Who should the good people vote for then? Trump seems like the best candidate, the only one not owned by corporate interests, the only one who recognizes common sense practical solutions to all of America’s problems, he is the only one who sees our nation quickly becoming a third world wasteland and he simply wants to save us from impending doom. He already has a great life there is really no real selfserving reason why he would want such a difficult thankless job, considering how much he is personally attacked from all sides on a daily basis and will surely continue to be. He’s not racist or sexist and he likes the American people, and he just doesn’t like his enemies who don’t really ever take the time to get to know him before they start spouting off publically hateful rhetoric about who he is or what he represents. Trump is a nice guy, he cares about America and all that makes us great, however if there is anything he hates it is stupidity and incompetence which exists universally among all races and all populations, and which is abundantly what our government is full of.

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