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Why take on responsibility of trying to tell everyone else how to vote? Nobody is sure who has the right answers but for as many reasons you mention for why you aren’t voting Trump i could mention just as many reasons or more why i won’t vote for Clinton. Both of us would have equally valid reasons, but the difference is that Trump is at least transparent in what he says. He speaks his mind with no filter or editing and even though his quotes do not necessarily truly reflect what he actually stands for, plenty of Americans are willing to set in stone anything he says even taken out of context and use whatever quote to forever condemn the man as racist, sexist, dangerous, etc. Seriously, such a narcissistic confident personality who talks so candidly about his desire to make America great again all the time surely would in his mind want everyone to remember his presidency in a positive light and he is the only candidate out of the two who is actually attempting the understand the needs and concerns of his supporters. Hillary Clinton, nobody really knows what she is all about, anything she says is what is convenient for her to say according to polls, she makes no attempt to understand why people in her own party are so frustrated and she pretty much feels entitled to a pass anytime something shady comes up about her campaign. She has been in politics for such a long time yet her career seems to have more notable scandals and corruption than accomplishments that benefitted the American people. Besides that she is a typical bought and paid for politician pretty much willing to accept money or funding from anyone in exchange for political favors, including known dictators and human rights abusers. But if you want to vote for her it is your choice and i will respect your reasons for doing so because that is what is great about America. Maybe your life has been perfect the last 8 years in which case, voting Hillary would be more likely to give you more of the same. But not everyone is so lucky, and many of us are willing to take a risk so that can possibly get anything but more of the same. Neither of us can be totally sure which presidency will be more disastrous, and in fact both presidencies could potentially affect the two of us very differently. Either way, if things don’t go well, the country will survive and we can just wisely vote differently next time. I thought voting for Obama was the right choice 8 years ago, and i know now i made a serious mistake: i lost my health insurance my cost of living has gotten too high, and i feel the country has become even more racially divided since he took office and terrorism has gotten way outta control, which is why i am not going to vote for Clinton. I would suggest to everyone to talk with friends or family members and try to find out why some people you are close to are voting for the other side, it is rarely so simple as this guy’s going to destroy the nation or we need to pick the first woman president.

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