Il budget digital: passare dalle impression all’attenzione
gianluca diegoli

Aggiungo una ricerca a supporto del mio commento: se aggiungi contenuto e interattività il banner viene visto/memorizzato ancora meno.

“By measuring and analyzing users’ actual eye-movement data, we found that animation in banner ads not only attracts less attention than static ads but also reduces the positive effect of attention on memory. In addition, although more than half of the participants could not recognize the advertised brand, the animated banner ad was unconsciously processed and did influence attitudes toward the brand. The results suggest that animation in banner ads does not necessarily increase user attention, but that even if a user does not consciously notice a banner ad, the user’s attitude toward the brand is influenced.”

Fonte: Attention to Banner Ads and Their Effectiveness: An Eye-Tracking Approach,

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