Mohmmed Albihany
Dec 23, 2015 · 7 min read
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Rosling’s Ted Talk & The Revolution Of Data Science

I’m not surprised to see over 1 million and 500 views to The legendary Rosling’s Ted talk today. as one of the first people who push for today’s revolution of data visualization designs and the whole information design to be fair, He really inspired all kinds of industries to gain a better insights into their business, and improve it even further, and as matter of fact the whole idea of today’s Big Data buzz word wouldn’t be possible without applying his concepts to improve the way of harvesting knowledge from all that wasted data exchanged every second through all this new devices such as smartphones, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. today his inspirational talk, which least only for approximately 30 minutes inspired the human raise to even move forward to realize the need for more portable embedded devices which called today as Internet of Things (IoT), it doesn’t stop here, i believe the realization for the necessity to scale the computing power and the huge increase to its storage memories was among the main indicators that leaded to the innovation of the term cloud computing, that was the only way to make it more affordable to the young humble data scientist, he also played a good part in the improved development of data mining and machine learning because now with all this tremendous amount of data which, can be use to make artificial intelligence practices even more realistically possible and maybe smart robots that can implement it. effectively

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