Rosling’s Ted Talk & The Revolution Of Data Science

I’m not surprised to see over 1 million and 500 views to The legendary Rosling’s Ted talk today. as one of the first people who push for today’s revolution of data visualization designs and the whole information design to be fair, He really inspired all kinds of industries to gain a better insights into their business, and improve it even further, and as matter of fact the whole idea of today’s Big Data buzz word wouldn’t be possible without applying his concepts to improve the way of harvesting knowledge from all that wasted data exchanged every second through all this new devices such as smartphones, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. today his inspirational talk, which least only for approximately 30 minutes inspired the human raise to even move forward to realize the need for more portable embedded devices which called today as Internet of Things (IoT), it doesn’t stop here, i believe the realization for the necessity to scale the computing power and the huge increase to its storage memories was among the main indicators that leaded to the innovation of the term cloud computing, that was the only way to make it more affordable to the young humble data scientist, he also played a good part in the improved development of data mining and machine learning because now with all this tremendous amount of data which, can be use to make artificial intelligence practices even more realistically possible and maybe smart robots that can implement it. effectively

Now all those mentioned facts raises a very important question : is the world aware of this revolution or its implementation is constrained under countable technical brands such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, or Facebook for that matters as the most big data sources platform today?

Well I would say no !, not anymore because the big dominated companies realized after all that they can’t do it by themselves it’s impossible for them to neither have the manpower nor the resources or time to harvest the knowledge of the world and I believe that was one of the most important reasons to facilitate the needed computing power through cloud computing platforms which is very high and expensive for any small company or individual to afford.

Another fact to support my believe is that I witnessed last month two young 17 years old. entrepreneurs pitching their startup project on stage at TechCrunch (Technical News Company) Disrupt competition sponsored by the queen of England, and their project. was about a simple and normal idea, that we might come across many times, However its concept and the way it was implemented was really sophisticated and unique, and that what really makes it shine, the project was an online subscription based service, which compose a dedicated soundtrack every time any a subscriber used it, the idea was normal, simple and not really competing at that point to me, until one of the judge raised a very important question to the team on their business model specifically in their plans for growth and scalability against the vertical growth of their user base which is very expected especially that no competitor in music industry can guarantee a 100% non duplicated soundtracks for all users no matter how big they scale with the daily increase of new subscribers and the daily produced tracks, at that moment I decided to stop the video and start thinking to myself those are just enthusiast teenagers who maturely thought they came up with new startup idea that will dominate the whole music industry ( we all been there at certain age in our life), but then suddenly heard a striking confidence respond invading my inner voice. thanking and complementing the judge for her question:

“ Thank you very much for your objective and professional question, which confirms just the level of competition and the long term experience of this board, and I would like to gladly let you know that those required critical success factors was totally considered at the very initial stages of our project, and we are happy to know you also share our vision that this is where we do actually innovate and where we will stand out against our competitors, accordingly I would like to have the board’s permission to take you through a quick technical review”.
WAIT, WHAT !!! ….

That doesn’t sound mature or teenage at all, it sounds more like an experienced confident CEO, who knows by heart every single bit of his business and studied all the ins and outs of his market and where he stands taller next to his competitors.

It turned out those two young yet very intelligent entrepreneurs not only choose the industry of art as a hobby to transform to business, but also decided to take initiative to improve it through their pre unconceived. data science skills, their idea as they proceed with the technical details started to make more sense. They actually developed a new data mining method based on proven scientific statistical formulas to analyze the notes for all music of the world, which is possible as long as they get a special access to the cloud storage of the popular music services such as Spotify or iTunes and I believe they hold almost 90% of all the music and soundtracks, using this data mining methods against the huge cloud storage music literary they could come up with a very high range of possibilities across the note’s scale.

They liberated that employing the data science they could actually use some other statistical prediction formulas to calculate and build ultimate statistical module as long term strategy, and that was again, wouldn’t be possible without the revelation of big data and data science, they actually used the census dataset hosted at all governments open data on the cloud as their data source this time to feed this prediction formula.

Basically without going into any sophisticated. technical details all you need to know that if the next condition become true the company will reach the bottleneck, which is a business technical term used normally to describe the gap between the business capacity and its actual operation scale at certain time-frame. The formula as following:

Bottleneck :

IF Total Number world’s population subscribed and produced soundtracks daily by the service. = Total Number of daily new soundtracks issued daily by artists on albums or studio THAN Bottleneck True

Last and not least and to conclude this projection of ideas throughout my observation. to certain sequence of events and revelational innovations, which occurred at random time-frames, and sharing with you my humble personal analysis to support and clarify my claims on the relationship between them, and how the impacts leaved by each of them helped the human race move forward by discovering new needs, and gain a new knowledge that would’ve been impossible to realize its existence and benefits or whatever accompanied with them, and of course the impacts on the next generations and civilization from those benefits.

I want you to think. let your imagination travel through the space of time to the future where today’s knowledge gained with our today’s’ resources, developed using yesterday’s researches of collected data plays the major role.

Where do you think today’s researches and knowledge can lead us ?

How about understand our world or even beyond it to the outer space and galaxies discovery?

Don’t be surprised ! This is absolutely possible with today’s scientific and technological resources and with the help of powerful quantum processing computers and very very big amount of data collected on every human daily interactions supporting it, this powerful processing power can use advance programmed and trained machine learning mathematical theories and lead to a real artificial intelligent brain that can break the three laws of evolution :

Working power, knowledge and high speed of processing and understanding

Imagine with me what could be discovered what new patterns could be found and can’t be either seen or comprehend because of yesterday’s limited technical resources that can be discovered today. This is exactly what evolution means to any espies evolving through discovery and discover through thought and learned knowledge, a knowledge base developed through resources fueled with collected data and as big as the collected data as wide and deep is the discovery and its all reflected to the human being evolution through generations and civilizations.

I know that it started to sound like an introductory scene from a SC-FI movie , but really, all the technologies mentioned are existed and operational today, Moreover if you watch most SC-Fi movies you will be shocked to find out how many technologies showed off there are already discovered today ! .

We’re already living the SC-FI era, even if some of us didn’t realize it yet.

Finally looking backward this wouldn’t be even possible without those unique individuals who push the human race forward those who it only takes them minutes. to plant the seeds of inspiration, in which a whole nations and civilizations can than grow and harvest its fruits, and those are who the next video was dedicated to them: