Good Social Media Tactics by Devumi

Sharing, posting and being active on various social networks are the essential aspects of online marketing. When there are a lot of people in one place it is only reasonable to direct your advertising campaign there, and try to find potential buyers. Depending on your line of work, one social network may be a more fertile place than the others. For example, if you are in the business of creating apps, you are more likely to find people on Google+, than on Pinterest. Facebook and Twitter, however, are filled with such user diversity that they should not be neglected by anybody. Here are a couple of suggestions by social media marketing gurus from Devumi, on how your social media marketing approach should be handled on Facebook and Twitter.


If there is one thing great about Facebook profiles, it is the ability to upload a great deal of information, photos, videos etc. In other words, it can carry the same amount of importance as your website, therefore the profile should be managed carefully on regular basis. Another amazing thing about Facebook is its ability to find people you want. You can formulate your search based on location, gender, hobbies or background — meaning that, with sufficient input, you will be able to find people who are indeed your target audience. You can either do this on your own or pay Facebook to do it for you if you want the process to be significantly faster. Bear in mind that people are on Facebook for the sake of social interactions, among other things, so you shouldn’t be hesitant to make the first step and approach them. Liking your page or profile will only take a second, and with a higher number of likes you gain a higher level of authority. Not only that, but with every interesting post you share, you have a higher chance for it to be featured, therefore spreading your brand name awareness.


When it comes to Twitter it operates on a slightly different principle. The main item on Twitter are tweets, and in your tweets you should share relevant content, be witty, creative and be persistent (10–20 tweets a day is a perfectly acceptable number). This is not all of course, if you are to appear as an influential user, your tweets should have a great number of shares and retweets. It’s not enough to follow an absurd amount of people, as you need to have a large enough number of followers as well.

So, you need to be an active user, you need to use various tools to build your reputation, and if you are to be truly impressive user, even buying followers should be considered, for the sake of good appearance initially. Bought users can truly boost your authority in a short time frame, allowing people to perceive you as an important figure and follow you, which is very important at the beginning, while you are still developing your follower base. Do not hesitate to throw in a retweet every now and then — find someone who used hashtags relevant for your profession and work from there. People will notice you and check out your page, and with enough interesting content on it they may as well end up on your website.