Making a Short Film — Tips and Tricks

It often happens that when people see a movie, they end up being disappointed and they think that they can do a better job. Of course, making a movie is a huge project that requires a lot of money but making a short, low budget movie is something that almost anyone can do, or at least try to do. It isn't that difficult, but you should know that if you want your film to be any good, you will need to make the effort and pay attention to details.

All the necessities

Story & genre

The first thing you need to do is come up with a story which will convey some sort of message that you wish to share with your viewers. In other words, what is the point of your movie? Try to add a good plot twist to your story, something that viewers won’t figure out immediately. Also, decide to which genre your movie is going to belong (drama, thriller, horror, etc.).


Once you have decided on the story and genre, you need to write a script with detailed descriptions of the character, dialogues and settings in which the story will take place. A good source of inspiration usually comes from renowned book series, they can truly ignite one’s potential for an artistic creativity.


When you are done with the script, you will need to buy or borrow a high quality camera, or cameras, along with a tripod and make sure that the camera has connection for an external microphone. The first thing for which you are going to use your camera is the audition for your film.

Actors and costumes

Find people who are capable of acting, who can transfer the desired emotion to the screen and see if they can match the description of your characters. Of course, you can never find perfection here and you will need to compromise and perhaps alter the characters a little. Furthermore, you will need to design costumes and makeup for the characters in a way that it reflects their psyche, inner thoughts and emotional state.


Once you have your actors and costumes, you need to find places where you can film and make certain changes to those locations so that they can match your script, once that is finished, you can start filming.

“TAKE 56”

While you are filming, you will need to do some scenes over and over again until they are done right. Also, try to film from different angles (this is the reason why you will require more cameras, so that you can combine shots from different angles, since catching the mood of the scene is really important).


After long and exhausting job of filming for days, comes another difficult job which will actually “breathe life” into your masterpiece. This phase is called creative audio and video editing. When you are doing this, you will need to watch the scenes over and over again from all the angles that they were filmed, in order to determine which one is the best to be clipped together. If you are not proficient with this kind of work, you should probably pay someone to do it, someone who knows how to properly edit video and audio files and add good special effects. Special effects are more important if you have decided to make a horror or science fiction movie, because it needs to make something that is ordinary turn into something mystical and mysterious which needs to be frightening as well.

Music & sound effects

Music is also very important for your movies try to find some songs that can also capture the mood of your movie or certain scenes. If you are talented, you can write your own music or find someone to write it. Bear in mind that it is not only music that is important. You will need a certain sound effects as well and this should also depend on the genre that you have picked (sounds or music that will fill people with fear and tension for horror movies, something that will raise their adrenalin for action or something that will fill the eyes of viewers with tears for drama).

Share it!

Finally, when you finish all this, your movie is ready to be burned to disc or uploaded onto the internet, so that you can share it with other people and get their opinion. Good luck!

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