Becoming A Dad.

Lost the keys; discovered a baby.

I am not going to fully become a Dad until mid-June. That’s great, because mid-June is months away. Technically.

Except… it’s also really close.

It is amazing to think I’ll be a parent, raising a child with the woman I love. The picture above, the more I look at it, is my happiest picture.

Not least because, as you can see in the bottom left-hand corner, it justifies me buying a house phone. (What’s the point in having a BT connection if it doesn’t get used..?)

It is also (and perhaps more obviously) my favourite photo because it depicts the moment we knew things were good.

The moment we could tell people outside our immediate circle that a baby had been masterfully (well…) created.

(Particularly our neighbours who must have wondered why we weren’t having this moment on the other side of the door.)

I have no concerns about being an expectant parent. That may be because the seriousness has yet to dawn on me. At the moment, I am getting a little fun buddy to play with. It’ll be ace.

Of course, there are the responsible aspects. But they excite me and fill me pride as much as any of the out-and-out fun stuff.

I’m not even dwelling on the fact I have mislaid every Bag For Life I’ve ever bought from a supermarket. I am ready for this responsibility.

I am ready to expand the love I feel for my fiancee to grow our little world.

It’s going to be a happy world.

He’ll be here in no time.

Al x

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