A new Artboard picker, better vectors and more in Sketch 44

Amazing update. Craft really messed up my inspection panel, but removing all plug ins and re-launching sketch solved it.

I’ve been using autolayout and I find it a bit annoying that now I have to remove the constraints and add them all back again in sketch. maybe if Sketch could automatically import the constraints over from AutoLayout?

Also, autolayout had more detailed constraints with % and offsets of the pixels. maybe adding those in and maybe the next version of Zeplin will be able to export those to actual Xcode auto layout somehow? that’d be amazing.

I’m really happy to see improvements to Sketch Cloud as well. I’m hoping eventually I’ll be able to invite other designers to contribute to the same project live. (similar to XD)

amazing improvments to the nested symbols and how the menus work. great attention to details and user experience! loving it!

I see Sketch adding a lot of features slowly and making many plug-ins obsolete. There’s a lot of tension between Zeplin and inVision now, but the introduction of comments on files natively would reduce my dependance on those two for jsut getting feedback from Stakeholders.

The Sketch file format going open and readable soon (is that this update?) would make it very easy to bring sketch files to browsers for viewing/commenting.

Great work sketch team! looking forward to only needing 0–1 plug-ins in the future!

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