My Microsoft Customer Service Story from Hell

Microsoft has a lot of bad products and services, but they nailed one of them. The Xbox! It’s awesome! So far I’ve spent well over a thousand dollars at the microsoft store buying games and accessories. Xbox One, Kinect, the xbox headset with the 3.5mm jack thing, games, and now the Elite controller.

I think anyone who buys an elite controller should be treated with a bit of respect by microsoft support team, since not only they believe in the ecosystem, they’re actively purchasing new products to improve the experience! It just makes sense for a business to take care of their fans. Right?

I got an elite controller in the hopes of improving my gaming experience. It was amazing! I loved the controller! But because I “lost the box” (read: was thrown out by someone), it didn’t have all the swappable items anymore. But I was still happy!

I still had the dish D-pad and the 4 paddles on the back:

After using the controller for about 2 weeks, (and fully utilizing all of its potential) I figured it’s time for me to buy the extra thumbsticks that are available for it. That way I can improve my steering in the game and have a more precise control over it.

So I headed to and after logging in and registering my Xbox, found myself with these options:

Here I thought o myself: CAD23… with taxes and stuff, let’s say 30. is it worth it? meh… should I? should I not? what the hell… let’s buy this.

So I selected the item and the wait began. That was 14th of feburary, (You can see that I have a very active social life) and 9 days later, I received the package! I got an E-mail notification while at the office that the package was delivered at home. So at 5 I packed my stuff, rushing home to finally drive the Aston Martin DBS on Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps with slightly more precise steering! (this actually gets me really excited…)

So I came home, found the packaging, opened it and found this:

What?!?!?! Only one stick? Well this can’t be right. It was surely a mistake. I ordered 6 of them, and paid 20 something dollars for this. (the main issue here isn’t how much I paid for it though, it’s what’s about to follow)

I contacted the Microsoft chat support explaining my issue. A very unhelpful person named ‘Sharita’ told me that my order was actually one unit. And what I have received is correct. I explained: “no… the image I clicked on right before I purchased this has 6 sticks on it”
Sharita: that might be so, but you ordered only one. 
me: There was no option to choose more.
Sharita: If you want more you’ll have to buy 6.
me: but that would be more than CAD140! That’s more than the Elite controller itself!
Sharita: yea…
me: If the order is actually only for one stick, how come there’s no option to select which one of the three kinds I’m trying to buy?

At this point, Sharita just lost interest, got rude, and started repeating the order information. Obviously, seeing how unproductive the conversation was, I asked to be connected to a supervisor.

Here comes the final boss: “Farva”

Farva: let me go through your files
me: ok, but you do understand my issue here right? I ordered 6 and only got one…
Farva: You only ordered one.
me: no… I ordered 6, on the website it shows 6, and there’s no option to select quantity, or to select whether I want the small,medium, or large.
Farva: We answered your question. Is there any other questions you have for us today?
me: I didn’t ask a question, I need support. And I’m not getting any…
Farva: Thanks for stopping by to chat! To exit this chat session, please click on the "Close Chat" button above our chat on the upper right hand corner. Thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support and for being a valued member of the Xbox Community. I hope you have a great day!
Me: are you serious?
info: chat has ended!

WHAT? Did she just hang up on me? In chat? (what’s the equivilant of hanging up in a chat?) I was furious! I went on reddit and shared the story, and someone mentioned I need to make a complaints with the consumer rights division of the government of the country I’m residing in. So i’m half way through researching that and I was still angry so I started writing this before I forget how I’m feeling right now. I was afraid I couldn’t capture the feelings better if I had waited till tomorrow to write this…

Thank you for reading this. And if you’re planning on contacting chat support for microsoft stuff, go to reddit first and ask other people there. They’re definitely more useful. And more polite. And better at supporting you with your problems.

Microsoft Sucks. The End.