The Amazing World of Handcrafted Albums

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One of the best ways of preserving the choicest memories from your weddings is through handcrafted wedding albums. Handmade flush mounted wedding albums and photo books are the last word in customization, elegance and uniqueness. As such showcasing your wedding moments through a gorgeous handmade album is a memorable experience on its own, and steeped in as much style and luxury as the wedding itself.

A work of art

Handmade albums are a product of skilled craftsmanship. They are made by talented artisans who specialize in the art of making these albums and have been associated with us for more than a decade. Their intricate work and attention-to-details lends a very special look and feel to these handcrafted albums. The album cover and the presentation box are two most remarkable features that allow the hand artistry to shine through.

Customized just for you

Handcrafted wedding albums lend a personal touch and a finish that is missing in the machine made varieties, which may often be pretty run-of-the-mill. The most important heirloom from your wedding deserves a custom-designed piece in your favourite options where you can choose the cover design, presentation box, engravings, and signatures.

Personalize it the way you want

The best part of a handmade album is that you can personalized it to make it your own. Our handcrafted wedding albums come with a specially designed box to store your album in style. This makes your wedding album a work of art that exudes quality and elegance. You also have the option of adding names, dates, and even a message of your choice on the album cover. These can be embossed, indented, engraved or simply printed.

Many options to choose from

Handcrafted wedding albums offer cover options in different materials and combinations, including leatherette, canvas, linen, and luxury fabrics. The cover can be created in many different ways using acrylic, metal and leather, while it can be adorned in various patterns and designs.

The world of handcrafted wedding albums has designs to suit your taste and match your memories with exclusive options in materials, look and quality. So, go ahead and design your personal flush mount album with the special touch of handmade elegance.