If we’re all about basing our thinking on complexity science, why not we work with actual scientists?
A Proposal to Bridge the Gap Between Organizational Theory and Practice
Tim Casasola

Dude, this. I came to org design & consulting by way of a career that started in complex mathematics, and a consistent frustration of mine has been that the field is parascientific without recruiting enough actual science/tists. “Make testable assumptions” is a great axiom, but only as powerful as the rigor of the testing and the quality of the insights. We’re often in dangerous territory and dance around the easily-dismissible guruship that plagues much business writing today. Also, thanks for the OpenNest shout out. I put a lot of sweat into that library :).

FWIW, when I was still with the org we worked very openly and closely with I/O and cognitive psychologists at UVA, and maintained open databases for them to access at will.

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