Hilariously honest answers from 9 yr old

Amongst the cacophony of all the messages WhatsApp throws at you, I received a really interesting article on parenting a pre-teen. As a read the title, I thought to myself ‘Gosh! Stop right there’. ‘Pre-teen? No way! She is only 9 going on 10.’ With that came a stark realisation that it’s time for me to embark on a little change in the way I should be raising my little girl.

But this is not an article with advice. This is funny yet serious with a beautifully wrapped message in the innocence and unadulterated answers to seemingly simple answers of a 9 year old. With that, I was ready to listen to all the answers my pre-teen girl was ready to throw at me. Oh yes, I did think I knew what she’d say. But I was wrong! Enjoy!

What makes mummy/daddy happy?

Mummy: ‘Bossing around the house’

Daddy: Lying down and sleeping around the house I guess

What does Mommy/Daddy like best about you?

Mommy : I’m cuddly, that’s why she likes sleeping with me.

Daddy: He never told me.

What does mummy do when she is really very sad?

M: She get’s cranky and rips the house apart into pieces.

D: Thinks he is in control but isn’t :)

If your mummy/daddy were characters in a film/cartoon/computer game, what would they be?

In a film : Romeo and Juliet :) If it were in a cartoon — Doraemon : They’d be Nobita and Shizuka

(I was like Awwww! All blush!)

What is the favourite activity with your mummy/daddy?

With Mommy : ‘I’ve no idea as she never plays with me.’ (Just a note we spent the whole Sunday playing Mario and sleeping and cuddling and that didn’t count.)

With Daddy: Playing Badminton

What does your mummy/daddy always say to you?

Mommy : ‘Stop it!’

Daddy : ‘Yes princess.’ :/

What does mummy call daddy when she is upset?

Mommy : ‘Daddy’s first name in a stern assertive bossy voice’

What makes mummy laugh?

M: She doesn’t laugh.

( :( Or rather she doesn’t see me laughing at home.)

What is the one thing that daddy will do that makes mommy very upset?

Not eating the proper food on his diet.

(Surprisingly she knows and her daddy doesn’t :/)

What is that one thing that you do that makes mommy/daddy very upset?

M: Not listening to her, which I always do. (She knows it! And she still won’t listen)

D: Not working hard enough in school.

What does mummy/daddy do best?

M: Get mad.

D: Says ‘yes’ all the time.

What is the most used phrase by mummy/daddy?

M: Finish this NOW!

D: Yes Princess.

How do you know that mummy/daddy love you?

M: When she cuddles me. (Finally, I scored a point.)

D: Because he always says ‘Yes’ to me.

What do you think mummy/daddy do when you are not at home?

They are always on their mobile phone or laptop usually on Whatsapp or email. Daddy is on reddit.

Try these questions with your (not so) little one now. This will be fun.

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