Currently Co-Founder & CEO at PostureHealth, Daniel James is building solutions to help people achieve their workplace wellness goals so that they can live a more healthy and productive life. Before launching PostureHealth, he spent time in various B2B product, sales, and marketing roles at startups and large companies like Adobe. Daniel is a recent graduate of Yale University where he was a member of the 2017 Ivy League Championship Football Team, A Joseph Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking Fellow, and Startup Yale 1st Place Winner.

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What does PostureHealth bring to the marketplace?

At PostureHealth we are building unified digital ergonomic solutions — everything from guiding you to sit better in your new remote work environment with our posture correction software, to treating carpal tunnel via our virtual PT telehealth services, PostureHealth is the only app that you need to live a healthy and productive ergonomic life. We’re helping individuals and companies across the world adjust to the new, remote and flexible work world that we live in. …


Alchemist Accelerator

Accelerating ventures monetizing from enterprises with distinctive technical teams. $36k, 6 month program, structured path to customers, mentors, & fundraising.

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