AlchemyByte — One project, Two Tokens, the best features of both blockchains

AlchemyByte is a new digital token backed both by a portfolio of other cryptoassets whose value is determinable and auditable, and by the development work of its laboratory — AlchemySmartLab ( which is already in operation.

It is not backed by any fiat currency nor by blind faith or simple confidence: its value is substantially determinable at frequent valuation points by reference to the AlchemyByte Master Trust balance sheet — a segregated portfolio in trust established by the Token Issuer.

The Token Issuer undertakes to asset back the token issue by maintaining the Master Trust’s balance sheet at between 70% and 75% of the total value of the Master Trust in other cryptocurrencies and between 25% and 30% in other cryptocurrency related assets, for example shares in or loans to miners, platforms, exchanges, app developers, crypto developers et cetera.

AlchemyByte meets all of the current benefits of cryptocurrency in terms of transferability and in addition is fully asset backed giving token holders peace of mind that it is a real store of value. Economic users will have the peace of mind that it is a suitable medium of payment for goods and services in the ever expanding digital smart economy.

AlchemyByte is essentially an alloy or mixture of other coins, tokens and crypto related assets (hence the name “Alchemy”) in exactly the same sense that historical coins were alloys of predominantly gold, silver, tin, nickel and copper. The value of such coins being determined by reference to the constituent metals in the alloy and their relative proportions. We add the “Byte” to the end of Alchemy to indicate the presence of a plurality of underlying coins/tokens, although in reality we will have a good more than just eight. (i.e. 8 bits = 1 byte).

By combining many of the extant cryptocurrencies into a single cryptocurrency, holders and users gain exposure to the price increases of the cryptocurrencies being held and in a far more diversified way than by holding just several of the many available cryptocurrencies directly in their own wallets. A coin or token specific price collapse (or worse) will only impact AlchemyByte to the extent that it’s Master Trust has exposure to the particular asset declining in price. Where value is shifting from one of the majors, for example BTC, to another, say XRP, because of some news flow or sentiment change that would largely result in zero sum game to the AlchemyByte Master Trust as it will be holding both.

AlchemyByte seeks then to act in the cryptocurrency space in essentially the same way that a Managed Mutual Fund acts in the stocks space, combining many cryptocurrencies under one token and reducing both absolute risk and volatility risk to the holder and economic user. We should emphasize the word “Managed” in the previous sentence as the Master Trust will be managed by an Investment Advisory Committee (“IAC”) — what we are offering is not just a static or algorithmically controlled basket of other cryptocurrencies and assets, the IAC will be making active decisions in regard to buying and selling and the Token Issuer has retained ex hedge fund people to this end

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