Spend some Quality Time at Luxury Spa Resorts in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is the one the most beautiful places in India. Known for its scenic beauty, this place is the best to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in nature and the same holds for the luxury spaResort existing in its vicinity.

Majority of these resorts are situated around the Royal estate of Kuthar in this magnificent Hill station State. The princely state of Kuthar has a rich traditional heritage and as soon as you enter this amazing place, you begin to realize that it offers extremely different experience from any other place you have visited before. Being in the vicinity of the famous 800 year old Kuthar Fort, most of the resorts have theirarchitecture drawing inspiration from the cultural heritage that engulfs this place.

As soon as you arrive, you will be mesmerized by the extremely welcoming hospitality offered by the staff members of these resorts who live by the mantra,”Atithi Devo Bhava”. Come and relax in one of these great luxury spa resorts in Himachal Pradesh, and satisfy your appetite for nature to your heart’s content.

Activities to try out
Apart from the peaceful ambiance of these beautiful places located in the lap of Mother Nature, you can also try out wide range of activities along with your family.

1.Games Room: Ranging from Carom, Billiards, Snooker to a little more athletic activities like Table Tennis, the Games rooms are generally stocked for your pleasure. You can relax in these rooms in your leisure time and release your inner sportsman. Get in touch with your sporting hobbies that you have not explored for a while.

2.Mountain Biking: If staying indoors is not your objective, and getting close to nature is what your heart desires, then this activity is for you. A wide range of activities that you can explore may include onsite cross country trail, road cycling, and the downhill mountain biking. It’s all for your Adventure seeking self.

3.Swimming pool: Water is something that attracts everyone. The resorts in these locations offer temperature controlled swimming pools that cater to you in every season. You can enjoy the cold soothing water in summers, and during winters, you can just relax and lay back in the warm water and ease yourself.

4.Jungle walk: The lovely forest offers you the opportunity to go for bird watching as well as just exploring the jungle, the birds and other animals. The Unique Woodland forest is a treat to explore and you can just lose all your troubles in the beauty of the forest.

5.Yoga and Meditation: Since long, sages and gurus have always stressed on the importance of meditating in peace of nature. These modern day resorts offer you to immerse yourself in Yoga and Meditation under the supervision of highly trained Yoga instructors.

6.Spa Therapy: A spa Resort is nothing without a great Spa. Hence, these Spa Resorts boast of their amazing Spas. Highly skilled Therapists use aromatic oils to give you refreshing massages and an unforgettable Spa Experience.