The biggest waste of advertising $$$

Why do some companies do this?

I was watching NFL football on a sunny Monday morning here in Australia.

During one of the many advertising interruptions it hit me.

What was going on?

The biggest waste of advertising resources that I had seen in a while.

The ad in question was for a ‘market leading heartburn resolution’ product.

Nothing particularly wrong so far.

The problem with the specific ad?

Its target audience.

“As a busy working mum….” says the leading actor in the advertising spot.

It would have been great had it been 8pm and the ad break was during the latest episode of The Bachelor.

Unfortunately it was during a game of American football.

At 11 o’clock in the morning.

I think ‘busy working mums’ are in many places at that time.

Watching American football on television is probably not one of them.

I am sure there are busy Australian working mums that love NFL…. but I bet most of the audience was male.

Maybe the advertiser hopes that viewers would later buy its product for their partners.

I think this shows a huge misunderstanding of the television audience it was talking to.

Maybe the TV network was giving away free views on what is a minor channel in their portfolio.

Regardless, we can now hyper-target the audience for our advertising through online platforms.

Facebook allows you to segment the audience using many demographic and behavioural characteristics.

Furthermore, measurement of online advertising effectiveness is more reliable than the old media equivalent.

What is the point of spraying and praying like in the ‘old days’?

Let’s make better use our advertising dollars!

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