12volt freezers-making the right choice

12 volt freezers are very useful appliances for camping, outdoor and overland purposes. These freezers are light in weight, compact, handy for keeping food and beverages cool and fresh and are very sturdy in nature. They fit snugly in the available vehicle space and operate on car batteries.
Things to remember while buying one
Few points to take into consideration while choosing a 12 volt freezer are given below:
• Portable freezers are small and one should always buy freezers which utilizes the given space of the vehicle properly as space is most important.
• It is always advisable to buy new freezer models as the technology is developing and today’s models are better than what it used to be five years back.
• Although internal lighting on a freezer is nice it should not be an important criterion while choosing a freezer.
• Tie-down handles are a must as they keep the freezer in place in the vehicle and prevents the freezer from any kind of damage while movement.
• Choose a freezer with removal lid and slide out tray as they are really helpful in the compact spacing of the vehicle.
Common queries and their solutions
These 12volt portable freezers are very handy and reliable appliances, but like every other electronic appliances, customers might find some kind of difficulty in operating them smoothly. Below are some common problems and queries with their solutions:
#1 Power problem
One of the most common problems faced by the buyers of these freezers is the non-availability of power supply where the display light does not blink on.
The first thing you should check in these conditions is to see if the power plug is in the “on” position. The power plug should be firmly plugged on the appliance and the power supply. If after checking all the available options light do not come up then the buyer should send the freezer for repair.
#2 Fuse problems
If there is no exchange of electricity in the portable freezer after proper installation and checking of all the plugs and switches, then there might be a breakage in the fuse.
The owner of the freezer should check for any kind of fuse break, if there is one then they should replace it with a new one. If it does not work properly even after replacement and if it fails time and again then there might be a problem with the freezer and it will need repair.
Online sales
There are various online marketing websites which sells 12volt freezers. These online websites can be of particular company distributer’s or can be common freezer selling websites where one can compare between the different companies and models and then make their purchases. Each and every website have their customer care units and helpline numbers which operates 24/7 and provide answer to any kind of freezer related queries. These helpline customer care representatives not only provide pre sales related information but also help the customers with any problems related with the installation or functioning of the purchased item.
Desired customers can make payments through secured online payment systems or can also pay after the delivery of the purchase made.
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