12V FREEZERS: Did you know these things?

Here are 5 Things to be known while buying 12 Volt Freezers, if you need further assistance for this process please click here.
1. Portability- The electrical connection is through a customized automotive power outlet which most modern cars have and this is the reason for which you can remove a fridge and put it back in the SUVs as well as minivans easily and plug it in. They are a must have for any tourist who has gone out or a long vacation-be it in a cruiser, motor home, caravan, canal boat, car, yachts, beach huts, 5th wheeler or truck. It is a very handy thing.
2. Battery Saver- They connect through a standard cigarette lighter trend plug which saves your battery and they are easy to use. They stop working when they sense that the battery charge is getting very low and you can even adjust that setting yourself if you want to.
3. Beneficial for everyday life- Here, food stays much cleaner and fresher.
4. Better than those fridges that were bought 5 years ago — These freezers have improved insulation and high quality cases.
5. Cost- A Good 12V freezer will cost you around hundreds or even more than a thousand dollars.

3 Pros and 4 Cons of 12 V Freezers:

• A large storage
• Docile and reliable operation
• Great during summers and can keep your food as well as beverages and drinks chilled to temperatures at or below your home refrigerator whenever you require it.
• Works the best if drinks are pre-cooled before use
• No voltage cutoff to safeguard battery charge
• AC adapter is an added cost option
• Insulation is not so good as hard-sided models
Types of 12 V Freezers
1. Chest Freezer (1 freezer basket)
2. Mini Chest Freezers
3. Upright Freezers
4. Integrated Freezers
5. Solar Freezers — A solar appliance that can be arranged for boating trips, residential, remote locations like-cabins and camping trips and also commercial field applications. They are too good for both aid work and emergency relief. They do not have a noisy generator unlike many other freezers. Such as- an ice-cream freezer. 15 Features of Portable 12 V Freezers
• Flash Freeze function
• Huge capacity
• 12 volt AC as well as DC power adapters included for household or vehicle use
• Operates as a flexible or portable freezer — versatile and very easy to use.
• Use a compressor for the cooling mechanism
• No need for ice or ice-packs
• Variable automatic temperature controls (-8 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit)
• Better stainless hinges
• Easy-to-read control panel
• Easy-to-carry handles
• Different dimensions of small as well as large baskets, varying on the size of the freezer.
• Compatible with 24V sources and also 110V wall sockets.
• Produces less noise
• Reversible door
• 3 basket drawers
These features make the 12v freezers not only the next big thing in the freezer industry, but also the need of the hour. Consider these points before making a purchase or go straight to Cooler Direct and choose best 12v freezing units on the market. Click this link and browse 12v freezers inventory.
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