and how a silly quote made me change my life for the better.

TL;DR: Check in on your friends, things are crazy, small gestures go a long way.

Ah! Life in times of COVID. I’m an extroverted ambivert, so the idea of a lock down isn’t as scary as it would be if I was only a full blown extrovert. I’ve been basically quarantining solo for the last 5 weeks and one of the ways that I’ve been interacting with the outside world is by social media. …

That’s me. Just add more gray hair on the sides. Photo: Luis Rodriguez

Continuing the tradition of publishing my top 4 books of the year as I did in 2015 (Spanish), 2016, and 2017, I’m happy to share the books I enjoyed the most this year.

As well as last year, I completely missed my reading goals for the year. In 2015 I read 24, in 2016 I read 36, 2017 I read 12. At least I can see I increased the number of books read this past year compared to 2017, but I still missed my 2018 goal of reading 24 books and only read 17 books.

Here are 2018 favorite books…

Credits: Pancho Rodríguez^2

Continuing the tradition of publishing my top 4 books of the year as I did in 2015 (Spanish) and 2016, I’m happy to share the books I enjoyed the most this year.

This time around it will be way easier, because I completely missed my reading goals for the year. In 2015 I read 24, in 2016 36, and for 2017 I planned to read some lengthier books, so I chose 30 as the 2017 goal.

It seems I’m going to end up with only 12 books read this year. I have around 7 books at 40–80% (I need to…

Some suggestions from iTunes Podcast page

Of course podcasts are a thing. I know. They are relatively new to me.

I love listening to content and I love books, so audiobooks seemed like a great idea. 90% of the books I heard were non-fiction, since I believe these are the easiest to consume, and if you lose yourself in thought, it’s easy to just continue listening and understand what you missed.

Last year I decided I would stop listening to audiobooks (sorry Audible) and start listening to podcasts. I realized that even with brand new audiobooks, the time it takes from something to happen until it…

Day 23, post 15.

Funny thing, huh?

On Friday May 12, I had a call with Lee Ngo, one of the sources of inspiration for the 31/31 Series.
“Life happens. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you do miss a day.”
Maybe Lee can see the future? Probably something he learned while writing a bunch of stuff this year.

“I don’t want to miss a day. I know myself and I know that if I allow myself to not-write one day, I’ll be ok skipping the next one, and then the next one.”
Apparently I do know myself.


Pic by Paul Bergmeir

Con Startup Weekend y demás competencias de pitch que me toca ver, me he dado cuenta que todavía tenemos la idea de que “hacer más es mejor” al iniciar una startup.

El emprendedor que piensa que la ventaja competitiva que va a tener su producto es que “Hace X y también Y” o describe su startup como “Un X que también hace Y y Z”, es el emprendedor que no tiene idea de lo complicado que es encontrar a un solo tipo de cliente y/o satisfacer una necesidad específica, y armar un negocio alrededor de eso.

Ejemplo: el otro día…


One of my favorite things when I travel is trying the local interpretation of the Mexican cuisine. I’ve tried tacos with lamb and goat cheese in Britain, fish tacos in and cheesy nachos in the US, something resembling burritos in Brazil. They all have their own type of flavors and textures that don’t resemble my home cuisine’s, but taste great anyway. Most of the time.

When people hear that I enjoy Chipotle or even Taco Bell, they usually say “But that’s not mexican food!” Well… of course it isn’t. But it’s the Fast food American interpretation of Mexican cuisine. I…

Turns out parents are human beings as well. Who knew?

My mother in the Louis Armstrong Stadium. Behind her, the Arthur Ashe Stadium, in NY.

I can perfectly remember the moment when I realized my mother was a human being. There’s always one point in time when you realize that your parents aren’t the invincible and all-powerful beings that you think they are. For some it comes very early in their life and for others it never comes.

For me it happened kinda late. I was 21, we were in Las Vegas, and we were in one of those booths where you can buy tickets to go to the different shows in hotels. I had been to Las Vegas before, but it was the first…


Hoy mientras cenaba con unos amigos platicábamos sobre la situación actual de la política en México.


Community Partnerships @ Facebook. Former Entrepreneur in Residence & Americas Regional Director @ Techstars. Chilango-chihuahuense. Prof Group-Selfie taker.

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